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Giulia Simolo

Freelance Article Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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I am passionate about writing! I've been a journalist for over a decade and have a large amount of experience writing for local as well as international publications. I contribute articles on a monthly basis to print, online and mobile media publications.

Curriculum Vitae of Giulia Simolo

Personal Details

Full name: Giulia Simolo

***: Female

Nationality: South African

Marital status: Single

Email address:

Health: Excellent

Languages: English

Religion: Christian


High school Matriculated with exemption (distinction: Biblical Studies)

Tertiary Education Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Communications (UNISA)

Honours Degree in English (UNISA)

Work Information:

Current work:

I write regularly for the teen, women's and men's publications. I have a diverse style and contribute to many international as well as local blogs, publications and websites.

In my work I write articles on a variety of topics, from lifestyle and self-growth to relationships and parenting. I also write on eco-friendly lifestyles, nutrition/fitness and relationships. I am versatile and flexible, able to adopt different styles of writing to fit in with the publication for which I am writing.

To date, I have been published in publications such as Mamas ’n Papas, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Me!, Saltwater Girl, Soul, Woman’s Value, Longevity, People, TV Plus and ELLE.
Besides for print media, I also have experience writing articles for international websites, such as Good Taste International,, 451 Press and New Men.

I love what I do – writing is my passion – and I believe this is revealed in my writing.

I also have proofreading and editing experience.

About me:

I have an excellent grasp of the English language.
I am self-motivated and ambitious.
I am passionate about writing and journalism.
I love being creative.
I am efficient, reliable, hard-working and responsible.
I always work professionally.
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Article Writing
Blog Writing