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Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & 3D Animator

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Phone: 602-754-6538
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I worked in the construction field for several years, building new homes and remodeling. Later worked in the "Data Entry" field, as a supervisor for government agencies. Since then I have found my passion in 3D modeling and animation where I could use my artistic talents to the best of my ability. I purchased 3DStudio software and started learning how to create and animate figures using their tutorials, and built models of insects and animating them. Within six months I created a short "Bug Story"; before the Pixar "Bug Story" came out. I output my animation to video *(VHS) through a TARGA Board. When the original company did not want "Bugs" that look real I took my production to Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucas, Paramount and Hanna Barbara, but back then no one wanted 3D animation and I was told that it would never catch-on. After moving from Los Angeles to Phoenix attended the CAD Institute to learn CAD to make another career change going into the architectural field. They also taught 3DStudio which was very easy, since I have already learned this on my own. Started seeking more training in the field of architecture. After this I attended Phoenix College, majoring in Architectural CAD Technology, using AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla while honing my skills in Blender, and Bryce 3D, from DAZ3D, but mostly in Blender. I converted AutoCAD and Revit files from my college classes to FBX format and imported them into Blender to recreate the same architectural designs into Blender, keeping all the Blue Prints/Construction Documents which were also created in AutoCAD and Revit. If you would like architectural, mechanical or organic models, or any 3D modeling and animation work done; please Contact RDS2@Q.Com or call (602-754-6538) Recently did some electrical CAD work using Revit/Revolve for Corbins Electric in Phoenix, Arizona. At this time I contract with clients to create all types of prototypes and am working on 3D Printing NFL team Logos.

At this time September 2019, I have teamed up with architectural students from my college CAD Class and started seeking architectural work together. We all have skills working for architectural firms, but we are combining our skills, training, and experience to form our own
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