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Location:Scottsbluff, Nebraska, United States
Phone: 3085750003
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I am new to the freelancing world, I am working on a book, called "skeleton key". I dream of traveling the world. I offer my services, I have experience in grammar and perfect punctuation as well. I spend most of everyday writing. I added time on the side for crafts, arts, and hobbies. i spend my time reading basically when I take a break during writing. Thank you being new to perfections and experience and knowledge i already had. I am doing well but others bother me as they invade my personal space. I am using prompts which got me into contests due to invading I lose out in carrying out prizes won and I am not relating since 2017 i turned into writing as a focal point of my reading. I developed a bookstore am moon@bookstore. I am very brand new to freelancing which is my only choice for income. I am joining this site to see how well i evaluate into another way of landing gigs. While everyone else seems lucky I try to impress with my portfolios and interests on my resume. What a difficult way to find income. Which is wasting a l of my time.
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Graphic Design
Magazine Design