Josie Coughenour

Freelance Sports Photographer & Event Photographer

Location:Greenfield, Indiana, United States
2 Skills
I am a young adult proficient in photography in multiple catagories, and have obtained the expeirences as well. This past Spring, I freelanced pictures to my daily newspaper, for a high school baseball team. I have also taken a variety of sports pictures for my school's yearbook, so I have expeirience with sports photography. This last Saturday I took photos for a kid's graduation open house. I have also taken pictures at multiple other events such as: birthday party, funeral, and baptism; this coming Spring I have already booked to co-photograph a wedding. What also helps me be a very personable conversationer to all ages is that I have also: tutored, assistant coached, babysat, and worked at Arbys for a whole Summer. So, I can get along with literally any type of person and at any age. On top of my high school diploma, I also have credit for taking 2D Art and Drawing, and Language and Composition classes at the collegiate level. I also write songs, poems, and books; all of which still need to be published, however the work and dedication is accounted for.