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Freelance Podcasting Freelancer & Audio Producer

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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As a podcast producer and launch strategist, I have helped brands grow their social media and online presence through audio by capturing their attention for a long period of time and building customer loyalty and retention.

I’m currently working with some amazing clients within the service-based industry as well as a phenomenal e-commerce brand that has scaled a leisure podcast into being a top ranked podcast that a large majority of their competitors and customers are tuning into, allowing this brand to establish credibility and build powerful partnerships with brands, customers, and influencers within the space.

I also provide social media strategy, video editing, podcast strategizing, audio editing, launching, as well as topic-based researching at a starting rate of $36 per hour.

I’m also quite experienced at growing social media accounts and starting private communities on Discord, Telegram and Slack.

A little context about me; I have been managing social media and doing content development before (2013) it was cool to do so or any brands were utilizing social media. I built and managed a Facebook fan page bigger than its 100 million Utah corporate company page with hundreds of employees within the health space, and I have continued to test out and innovate in social media.

I have managed 50+ accounts on more than ten different platforms with over 350K+ followers and 5 million views (these are conservative figures and I most likely achieved much higher numbers), growing massive accounts on Facebook, Vine, Tiktok, and more.
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Audio Production