Evan Zabounoglou

Freelance Cartoonist & Industrial Designer

Location:Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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I am an experienced Freelance Product Designer and Graphic Designer / Cartoonist with a proven track record of delivering cost effective and turn-key solutions from design concept to industrial implementation of various products and mechanism for manufacturing organisations.

I leverage industry knowledge to conceive unique and effective product concepts and I am confident in engaging and communicating with product development teams to finalise product ideas. I am highly experienced at using SolidWorks and AutoCAD software to create products and develop further technical drawings and documentation suitable for manufacturing implementation. I am adept at coordinating work scopes with manufacturing departments to create and test product prototypes and evaluate / resolve design flaws. Furthermore I consult with suppliers, purchasing managers and logistics to determine cost-effective manufacturing procedures and materials.

During my career, I have worked for / with many top-tier organisations, including Acquire, Raycap, Filpo Metal Design, Voyatzoglou Systems, Atlas Hellas, Orthoviotiki and HUB Events.
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Industrial Design