Jenny Chapleau

Freelance Mural Painter & Sculptor

Location:South Burlington, Vermont, United States
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Jenny Chapleau

I have just completed a 60 foot x 8 foot mural for the lodge walls of Camp DREAM, a children’s non-profit summer camp dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for children in low-income housing.

This mural is a tribute to the Abenaki of Vermont, the Dawnland People, with Winter Green Mountain transitioning through the seasons above Metcalf Pond, in Fletcher, where the camp is located. To the west there is a hibernating bear as winter begins to turn into spring. There is a nesting snapping turtle where spring turns to summer. The Great Spirit bald eagle soars above while a moose is camouflaged in autumn. A Canadian lynx stands where the pond begins to freeze as the mountain scene transitions to snow covered ever greens. The bright morning sun rises in the east sending out a rainbow of colors across the sky while a barred owl hides in the trees. I wood-burned a land acknowledgment on a piece of local wood that is to be mounted at the entrance before entering this room.
Unfortunately the images did not paste in this space but I will gladly submit them if requested.
My strong suit is in replicating likeness and I would love to have the opportunity submit a sample that is tailored to your request.
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