Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & 3D Animator

Location:Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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Lizhi Kang, Mobile: 0414407688

? Experience, Compositor and FX artist 3 years , FX in TV Series and Advertisements and 3D Animation experience in CG industry with added value
? Proficient in using Maya, After Effects, Digital Fusion, Vegas and Syflex.
? Maya Skills include Dynamics, Particles, Lighting and Rendering.
? Participation in at least 15 projects involving advertising, TV series, documentaries, film and animation.
? Very familiar with project production.
? Great Team Player- I have become friends with all the teams I have worked with.
? Wild network with CG talents and companies in CG industry in China

SEEKING I am looking for work in Multimedia or Games area

? Participation in lighting, rendering in HD 3D French Movie < Merlin>.
? < UMA> is currently programmed on Chinese television and is well liked by children.
? A high level of client satisfaction was achieved in the Taiwan Fargu Temple and I was told that the monks were touched to tears when watching the show. The company got another 1 year contract with this client.

Proficient in using Maya, Digital Fusion, After Effects and Syflex.
Maya skills include dynamic, particles, lighting and rendering.

Reliable Team player
Patient Creative
Enthusiastic Persistent


March 2009-Current Inghams (South Australia)
? Machine operation, overseeing production lines
? Stock mover

November -December 2007 3D Technician position
BluePhoenix New Media Arts, Shanghai, China
? In charge of cloth for all characters using MAYA 8.5
? All special effects and FX related Composition and Rendering: Cloud, Lighting of Lotus, particles of ladder, etc.

November 2006-November 2007 3D Technician position
Shanghai SuperColor Animation Ltd.,Shanghai, China
? Responsible for Special Effect and Composition, using MAYA7.0 and Digital Fusion
? Participation in TV Series Shooting< Uma> and responsible for Special Effect and part of composition including Lighting, Composition of Explosion scenes, wire removing, etc.

December 2005-October 2006 3D Technician position
Shanghai Sigact Culture Communication Ltd.,Shanghai,China
? In charge of Special Effects, Rendering and Composition
? Participation in advertising projects of Bank of China
? Participation in advertising projects for Shanghai government

Vocational Qualification:
November 2004-September 2005—Alias Authorized Maya Training Class in Shanghai
2010 Certificate III in English Proficiency Tafe SA Regency Park
2011 Certificate IV in English Proficiency Tafe SA Salisbury


Susi Freesmith
Certificate in English Proficiency,
Tafe SA(Salisbury)
Tel: (08)82079854
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3D Graphic Design
3D Animation