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Chance Sparks

Freelance Screenwriter & Comedy Writer

Location:Ohio, United States
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My name is Chance Sparks and I love writing/producing. I've honestly dedicated my life to writing and have been pursuing it ever since I was five years old! In honor of that, I only write with crayons and construction paper and I maintain the stubbornness of a child.

I focus mostly on creative writing (screenwriting in particular), but I can write about any subject for any audience. I am also proficient in Video Production and Digital Media.

- Do you need a script or piece of creative writing punched up? Let me pitch some ideas.

- Do you need someone to write unique and funny copy for your business? I'm that person.

- Do you need me to come into your home for a few days, analyze your emotional relationship with your partner, and write up a detailed report about how you both could be better to one another? Bam, I'm there in a heartbeat...Watching you both like a hawk trained in relationship therapy (I'm not and, for legal reasons, have never claimed to be).

If you're looking for someone eager to be creative and make entertaining work, please consider me. And if you're actually looking for a relationship report, you need to just open up and talk to your partner... get vulnerable, don't be afraid to cry. But, again, this is not a professional opinion.
Also, I don't really work with crayons and construction paper, unless you're a kid looking to pay top dollar for some *********** art homework.

Please think about hiring me and if you already are, thanks!!! I look forward to hearing from you.
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Comedy Writing