Vania Davis

Freelance Digital Artist & Anime Artist

Location:Manhattan, Kansas, United States
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I've been drawing for as long as I could remember. Ever since I finished high school in 2015, I wanted to pursue to become a comic book artist or go into the animation industry for DreamWorks or Pixar.

I went to the Kansas City Kansas Community College and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in 2018, then I transferred to Kansas State University where I will soon graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the coming fall/winter of 2021.
I love comic books, manga, anime, and cartoons, and I love reading just novels in general. I created my first comic strip called, "The Mutt Brothers" when I was in middle school (which at the time I wanted to be a zookeeper because of my love of animals). Along the way, I wanted to bring my other creations to life (unfinished but in the process) such as "She-Wolf", "The Vampunks", and "HallowThore & Claire".

I can draw traditionally and digitally, I can paint, and I can design. My art style ranges from cartoony, simple to detailed, and while my work is not realistic-type art (believe me I tried). but these are the styles that I've learned to work with.
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Digital Art
Anime Art