Mya Kim

Freelance Artist & Photographer

Location:Auckland, New Zealand
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Mya Kim
Curriculum Vitae

Name: Mya Kim (Myoseon)
Date of Birth: 11/12/1989
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Address: 1005/135 Grafton Rd, Auckland
Phone: 021 199 1211
Visa: New Zealand Citizen


I have graduated Awatapu College with NCEA level 3 high distinction and gained Level 3 Visual Arts scholarship.
I also have gained a quali?cation in JLPT (Japanese Language Pro?ciency Test) in 2008.

I am currently a 3rd year Fine Arts student at the University of Auckland (Elam).

About myself:

I ?rst came to New Zealand when I was 2 months old and lived here since. I am ?uent in both English and Korean. Growing up in New Zealand has made me a very bi-cultural person as I have been able to blend with the NZ culture as well as maintaining my original culture through family and friends.

I am an outgoing person who loves meeting and working with other people. My friendly attitude towards customers will de?nitely make them feel comfortable and leave a good impression of the workplace.
I have good time management skills and reliable. My past experiences of waitressing has build me skills to be able to work under pressure.

I love to have fun and keep myself busy both inside and outside work. I am always looking for new challenges to increase my skills as a professional worker.

I do my best in everything I do and always give my 100%
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