Joshua Masters

Freelance Video Editor & Digital Artist

Location:Pickering, Ontario, Canada
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My name is Joshua Edward Masters, I am 22 years old, and I am an aspiring freelancer. Currently I study Economics and Political Science (second year) at the University of Western Ontario. While I believe my education gives me a certain formality in regards to political and economic matters I do consider it close to be the best exemplification of my abilities as formal education is really just a matter of information retention and ones ability to follow instructions, but I believe that a good freelancer is someone who should exemplify creative abilities. This is why the best representation of my work is the YouTube channel which I have been hobby-ing about on since I started it when I was 17 years old. The channel is something very unique, a collection of video essays centered around Marxist politics with a heavily stylized presentation. Leftist political channels are a growing trend now but I do believe that at 17 I was way ahead of the curve and I would pride my work in the fact that it avoids repeating standard leftist rhetoric to instead provide a creative and original perspective. On top of this I also won the communications technology award in 9th grade.

My youtube channel:

My deviant art featuring the collection of graphics and thumbnails:
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