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Sean Wilson

Freelance Comic Writer, Comedy Writer, & More

Location:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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I am a comic book writer from Cleveland, Ohio. I went to college at Bowling Green State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Film Production. I have expertise in writing comedies and videography. I am currently working on the comic Canada Bear. This is an all ages book that features a super hero grizzly bear fighting crime in Canada. He fights multiple villains and each one has a unique personality. One of the villains even talks in puns. You can find the collection of the first 3 books on Amazon.

My brother is also a writer and we collaborate on stories and will be working on a couple comics together this summer.

All I need from you is the outline of where you want the story to go. Point A to Point B so that the story stays how you meant for it to go. I will give my thoughts on how things should go but at the end of the day you are paying me to write your idea, so you will get final say. I will also require some insight into the characters and what makes them tick. If its a superhero comic give me the guidelines to his powers. For instance Canada Bear can't fly. So I make sure that if he is fighting something it's either on a building, or on the street. But he can leap far kind of like the Hulk so I incorporate that into the script.

I have other projects that I am working on as well. I enjoy all ranges of entertainment and my writing shows this. I can write an all ages book as well as a more adult oriented screenplay. I have written multiple shorts and a couple features, that will hopefully be picked up in the future. When I am being paid to work on a project I am deeply focused and will meet deadlines as long as they are reasonable. This is my second job and I would have to work on the project after my day job.

I just want to get my foot in the door and show the world my writing and the stories I plan to tell.

I have two cats, a loving Wife, an awesome step-son who support my dream to write.