Freelance Mural Painter, Artist, & More

Location:Long Beach, California, United States
4 Skills
My name is Maddie. I'm a Long Beach-based artist with experience creating large and small-scale projects in and around the Los Angeles area. Prior commissions have included: large canvases, murals, chalk art, custom mailbox designs and custom games console designs.

I specialize in vibrant, colorful art relating to popular culture and music, however, I also have experience with trompe l'oeil, animals, nautical themes, and portraits.

In addition to creating artwork, I am also an amateur photographer and videographer with photos used by ABC7, CNN online, LAist, the LA tourism board and Design Milk. I am a regular contributor of media to ABC7's Eyewitness program.

I have taken part in the Pasadena Chalk Festival (2017,2018, and 2020 [remote]), contributing to a winning design with LA-based artist Emma Escamilla in 2018.

I am eager to start new projects this Spring and would love to contribute to beautifying my city and beyond.

If my style suits the needs of an upcoming project you have, please get in touch!