Suhasini Balasubramanian

Freelance Architectural Illustrator & Artist

Location:South Australia, Australia
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I wanted to ask all of you who sketch this question.
“Why do you sketch?”
“Why am I sketching?”
Sketching is quite different from a finished artwork. It is sometimes just doodles, sometimes a thought process, and sometimes a practice. Often, it is not meant to be seen.
Our thoughts are messy. Memories and ideas don’t live in our head in isolation?—?they are mixed and remixed with emotions, beliefs, and that song you can’t get out of your head. Getting our thoughts out of our head and into a sketchbook lightens our mental load and helps us be creative. Not just because a sketch pulls an idea “out of the mess,” but because sampling or capturing that idea in a hand-made visual way engages more of our brain.
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Architectural Illustration