Malcolm Gaffney

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:Oxnard, California, United States
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Readers should not have to puzzle their way through a piece of writing. The purpose of writing is to get ideas clearly into a reader’s head.

Writers move ideas or information from their own head into someone else’s. To do it they use a bridge to send messages across. Language carries the messages—the load—across the bridge, and the transmission must fitly deliver the load: its information.

The foremost aim of language conveyance, then, is to deliver something, i.e., the message load, as reliably as it can do it. This being the case, the message will be efficiently conveyed across the bridge and lodged in the reader’s mind.

For many years I taught college students how to proofread and edit different forms of writing. It helped them to rightly use the main parts of each form, which are:
• standard punctuation,
• correct spelling,
• needful discourse markers,
• concise expression, and
• simplicity of style.

The writing skills they got in recognizing these elements improved their efforts at writing compositions. The central element—always—of their lessons on how to write out ideas or information was that readers will not waste time on, or effort in, trying to understand a writer’s poorly written work.

I use words to convey information—only words, (no graphic designs, no content writing)—just words. You can confidently know my line-editing, copy-editing, and proofreading skills will satisfy your posting needs.
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