Neerav Venkatesh

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Illustrator, & More

Location:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
4 Skills
Name: Neerav Venkatesh Prithiviraj

Art Portfolio

neeravart - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt


I am a self-taught digital artist, concept artist and illustrator. Please check out my portfolio to see if it matches your requirements. I am interested in designing and digitally painting characters and scenes in the cartoony style for video games, animation and children's books.

I have been drawing since I was little and am quite good at it (anatomy, perspective, colour theory, lighting, etc). Drawing is my greatest passion.

? Graduated Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with major (Science), from SBOA School and Junior College, Chennai (Aggregate 95.2%) .
? Diploma in Music Technology from Muzik Lounge, Chennai, (course included up to grade 4 music theory).

Extracurricular Activities/Awards and Achievements
? Completed diploma course Computer Hardware at Prime Computer Technologies with an ‘A’ grade (2007).
? Completed diploma course in CBT Technology, involving special effects in Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash at CSC Softview, Chennai and received and ‘A’ grade (2006).
? Proficient in Digital Art.

Academic Honors/ Scholarships
? Secured 3rd place in English and Computer Science in All India Senior Secondary examination (2009).

Work Experience
? Math Tutor from May 2014 to present. I worked at Rank 1 Institute from 2014-16, and have been self-employed since.

Community Service
? Volunteered for HelpAge India, a non-profit organization for the rehabilitation of destitute old people, working with social workers to attend calls from general public and collect information on the whereabouts of destitute old people and helping co-workers to find and bring them to rehabilitation centers (2009-2010).

Technical and Software Skills
• Digital Art: Ibis Paint X, Adobe Photoshop

Other Technical Skills
• Programming Languages :

• Operating System :
Windows, Ubuntu, Mac

? Graphics and Animation :
Any of the major digital painting softwares, like Photoshop, Flash, Ibispaint, etc.