Abdul Khalaf

Freelance Digital Artist & 3D Animator

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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I am an ambitious, self-driven student who puts his best efforts forth in completing any given task. I have essential retail experience on the frontlines of a busy store, where I exercised excellent communication and social skills honed by years of sports teams, leadership and mentoring positions over the years. In the workplace, this translates to warmth and friendliness when dealing with customers, charisma and initiative in a team environment, as well as fitness. I believe my positive disposition and attitude is an essential asset when interacting with customers, and it is something I have lots of experience with. I thrive on new challenges, environments and fresh experiences and I view them as opportunities for growth.

• Manurewa High School (2013- 2017)
• VP of Future Pathways Council (2017)
• NCEA Level 1-3 Merit Endorsement (2015-2017)
• Best in Level 3 Art Design (2017)
• 1 year Bachelor of Biomedicine at University of Auckland (2018
• Certificate achieved in National Association of Sports Medicine, certified Personal Trainer (2019)


• Team member at Cotton On Manukau (September 2019 – Aug 2020)
-Greeting and fare welling all customers
-Being able to approach, converse and help customers with finding items, and encouraging to try and purchase items
-Putting back many items in the correct place in a timely manner
-Processing stock and organizing items and displaying them in a tidy and appropriate way
-Cleaning up the place before closing for the night efficiently
-Helping to open the store by sweeping and placing stock in the right place
-Cashier skills, such as scanning, bagging and encouraging customers to purchase more while conversing with them
-Multitasking skills and time management

• Crew member at Wendys (October 2018 – May 2019)
-Learned to work in a high pressure and fast paced team environment
-Learned how to serve customers and take their orders in a fast, friendly and accurate manner, among other essential customer service skills
-Learned how to both close and open the workplace quickly and efficiently to keep it in top conditions
-Time management and multitasking during extremely busy hours where I would have to juggle and remember many different tasks at once to ensure orders were fulfilled on time.
-Gained valuable experience and skills required in food services and restaurants

• Cashier at Totara Hospice Shop (2018)
-Here, I worked at the front desk of a busy retail store, where I quickly picked up important retail skills such as using a cash register, tagging and pricing items, customer interaction, making quick decisions to keep things moving smoothly
• Peer mentoring of new students and youth (2015)
• Leading the Future Pathways Council (2017)
• Careers Counselling (2017)
• Cleaning assistant (2013)
• Fundraisers for school events (2015-2017)
-Careers expo (2017)
-Pathway Expo (2017)

• Collaboration and teamwork skills obtained from years of team sports, cooperating with others and quickly building rapport
• Working well with a cash register, tagging items with appropriate prices, interacting with customers in an efficient yet warm manner, ensuring a clean and presentable workplace
• Leadership and decision-making ability to display initiative, take on responsibilities, and carry well thought, rational decisions.
• Warm and friendly attitude, with a positive and enthusiastic approach to communicating clearly verbally, orally, and in written formats in a respectable manner.
• Computer literacy and proficiency
• Embracing of new environments and new challenges


My hobbies include reading, hiking, lifting, rock climbing, and playing video games. I also like to creatively express myself through art and drawing. I have a fierce curiosity about the world that keeps me hungry to learn new skills and always do more, and I believe critical thinking is an essential quality.

• Anudeep Kaur
Manager at Wendy’s The Hub

• Judy Liva
Manager at Cotton On Manukau
021 199 1889
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