Silvia Gillespie

Freelance Italian Translator & Spanish Translator

Location:Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
2 Skills
Translation/Editing Rates: US$0.08/US$0.03

Italian/Spanish - English Translator and Editor
Legal Assistant

I graduated with a high school degree from the American International School in Athens, Greece and attended one year of college at the Colegio Internacional de Caracas in Venezuela pursuing a business administration career. Born in Italy to Italian parents (I hold dual Italy/USA citizenship), I traveled the world extensively (living in eight different countries) both as a child and as an adult thanks to my father’s position with Alitalia Airlines. Together with my husband I was the co-owner/manager of - a vacation rental and management venture located in South Florida before we sold the business. You may find more information on me both at my LinkedIn page:, my Proz page and at my ATA page

Areas of Specialization:

Medical Court Documents Diplomas
Legal Marketing Advertising
Contracts Lease and Purchase Agreements Miscellaneous

Professional Experience

FS LANGUAGES, Professional Translator/Editor June 2010 to Present
Houston, Texas (Web Based - Online)

COMPREHENSIVE LANGUAGE SERVICES, Professional Translator/Editor October 2011 to Present
Washington, D.C. (Web Based - Online)

IDEA LANGUAGES, Professional Translator/Editor June 2010 to Present
Springfield, VA (Web Based - Online)

LANGUAGE SCIENTIFIC, Professional Translator/Editor January 2016 to Present
Medford, Massachusetts (Web Based - Online)

INTEGRO LANGUAGES (LEXXICA), Professional Translator/Editor June 2018 to Present
Norwich, United Kingdom (Web Based - Online)

• Translation and editing of approximately 100-150 documents on a monthly basis averaging between 50-
5000+ words each
• Documents vary from birth, death and marriage certificates, government issued documents, school diplomas, report cards, passports and ID cards; lease and purchase real estate contracts, judgments, divorce decrees, advertising documents, work proposals, business contracts, financial spread sheets, assorted medical reports and other various legal and non-legal documentation and forms
• Language pairings are Spanish and/or Italian into English

GRAYROBINSON, Legal Assistant Intellectual Property Department December 2008 to June 2013
Fort Lauderdale, FL (In-House)

• Prepare, docket and maintain all litigation matters for both attorneys
• Electronically upload court pleadings and filings to the PACER court website
• Transcribe letters, memos and emails as needed
• Review, mail and track payment of all invoices to clients
• Track CLE credits (spreadsheet) for both attorneys
• Electronically prepare trademark applications and filings
• Maintain deadline calendars for all litigation proceedings
• Aid in completing all patent applications and organize for filing/docketing
• Translate documents and simultaneous interpretation as needed for all departments

BRINKLEY MORGAN SOLOMON TATUM, Legal Assistant Intellectual Property Department September 2001 to December 2008
Fort Lauderdale, FL (In-House)

• Create and maintain litigation, patent, trademark, and copyright files
• Assist in preparing all patent applications
• Interact with patent draftsmen to insure drawings are complete for patent applications
• Interact with, assist and support other departments for attorneys jointly working on cases
• Maintain docket entries and calendaring for all IP litigation cases
• Translate documents and simultaneous interpretation as needed for all departments
• Draft pleadings for court cases and maintain all cases including calendaring all deadlines
• Maintain all Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) files including docketing of all upcoming deadlines

ALLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT CORP., Legal Assistant/Paralegal May 1999 to June 2001
Coral Springs, Florida (In-House)

• Draft, review and finalize all licensing and consumer direct fulfillment (CDF) agreements for customers interested in being part of Alliance’s All Media Guide, a written guide to all music, movies and video games provided by the Company
• Interact with other departments (sales, marketing, licensing and CDF) to gain information for the preparation of the agreements and to discuss any particulars pertaining to each agreement
• Support, in all legal aspects, the General Counsel and two In-House Attorneys
• Organize depositions. Most recently for Alliance Entertainment Corp. vs. Muze for both the New York and the California cases
• Responsible for the preparation and filing of all annual reports, DBAs, authorizations to conduct business and company withdrawals for the main branch and all subsidiaries located in the various states
• Responsible for the gathering of all due diligence documents for mergers and acquisitions which the Company has been involved in. Key role in providing information and preparing documents in the merger of Alliance and Digital On-Demand, Inc. a California based company
• Assist with pre-closings and closings for major lawsuits such as Alliance Entertainment Corp. vs. Muze and Alliance Entertainment Corp. vs.
• Draft and track employee stock option agreements
• Translate documents across various subjects on an as needed basis for all departments

SUNBEAM CORPORATION, Legal Assistant to Intellectual Property Department August 1998 to April 1999
Boca Raton, Florida (In-House)

• Provide administrative support to the Trademark and Patent In-House Attorney
• Prepare and revise Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Service Agreements, Employment Agreements, Lease Agreements and various others types of legal and non-legal agreements
• Create NDAs for all outside inventors interested in proposing new inventions to Sunbeam Corporation for their review
• Maintain database to track all inventor’s information
• Organize and update trademark and patent information in Excel on the entire trademark and patent family belonging to Sunbeam Corporation
• Create and maintain all litigation as well as trademark/patent hard files, more than 6,000 files in Excel spreadsheets
• Create a billing code format spreadsheet to be used by all Sunbeam business units
• Major asset in preparing, delivering and retrieving from inside staff, the necessary forms for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act project taking place once a year
• In-House Translator as needed

SUNBEAM CORPORATION, Executive Assistant to the Vice President & General Counsel May 1996 to August 1998
Delray Beach, Florida (In-House)

• Translate and transcribe legal court documents from Spanish to English
• Create, review and finalize various legal agreements
• Prepare quarterly board books for the Board of Directors yearly meetings
• Prepare forms for all SEC filings in connection with the reporting of investors and all shares
• Assist General Counsel in gathering information for the company’s annual reports

DISTRIBUIDORA SAL BAHIA, C.A., Payroll Manager –Accounting Department October 1992 to April 1995
Barcelona, Venezuela (In-House)

HERTZ RENT-A-MOTOR, Rental Agent February 1991 to October 1992
Barcelona, Venezuela (In-House)

LE PAPIER, C.A., Head Salesperson April 1989 to February 1991
Caracas, Venezuela (In-House)

Language Skills

Completely fluent in English, Spanish and Italian (written, oral and comprehensive).

Computer Skills

Proficient in: MS Word, MS Excel, Word Perfect, Microsoft Outlook, MemSource, Access, Lotus for Windows, PowerPoint, Paradox, Juris Classic, Juris and Juris Time Sheets, Pattsy (Intellectual Property tracking database), Pacer (internet research center for information on US court cases) and Internet research of any type (i.e. Sunbiz, Westlaw, USPTO, Pat2PDF, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), etc), Aderant.