Samantha Arehart

Freelance Illustrator & Horror Artist

Location:Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States
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Hello! I'm Sam, a concept/illustration/UI artist! I am a graduate of Champlain's Game Art and Animation program, and I have multiple years of experience working in programs like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. My greatest passions are horror and fantasy art, specifically when it comes to characters and monsters, but I can work in almost any style! I am also good at matching the styles of other artists, so group work is fine in my books. I am easy to get along with, and I love talking to customers, so shoot me a message if you have any questions about my projects/portfolio.

Both of my sole creator projects were also written by me, and I can send over copies of the script if you'd like to check that out without purchasing. I can also do photo editing in Photoshop (experience stemming from a 2 year long career working for a college library as their historical photo editor). Check out some of my past projects in the links below!

Monolithic [Lead Artist] -
BAPTISM [Sole Creator] -
DIVINE FAVOR [Sole Creator] -
Avast Ye' Blimey [Asset Artist] - (coming soon!)

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