Freelance Drawer & Illustrator

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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I’ve always considered myself both an academic and a creative and artistic being... I have a degree in Anatomical Sciences and Science Communication, and a Masters in Public Health. Strangely I got to exercise my creativity a lot in the former. In the interest of Public Health I wanted to paint the town in colour and give people a visual delight on their walk home or as they dine in their favourite eatery. In my degree I snuck in a semester of Fine Arts, as I couldn’t resist not immersing myself in the world of designing... creating... drawing... I knew that I would always want to pursue my creative side. I did a range of projects. I specialise in drawings and designing, similar to a colouring in book/cartoon/abstract mural design. I personalise my drawings to personalities. My mind explodes with ideas of the person or place and then the drawing just flows and explodes out from the centre in a similar manner. These drawings can also be used as murals. I theme the murals for eg. Restaurants, burger joints, children’s bedrooms, or to holidays like Halloween. To best understand you can view my portfolio. I will say I have experience in painting props for shows and have done a bit of freelance painting here and there.
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