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Freelance Operations Manager, Business Developer, & More

Location:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
12 Skills
• A dynamic professional with 11+ years of rich experience in managing operations with a focus on top-line profitability while ensuring optimal utilization of resources.
• Managed Operations for FRANCE, US and UK FD region with various activities like Client onboarding, account Maintenance, account Closing, CRS, FATCA, Credit Services, Wholesale account servicing and legal paper processing with circa 250+ Queues, 16 processes and 85+ FTEs.
• People and process management experience of 11+ years with a focus on Banking, KYC, Transactions, AML, CRS and FATCA.
• Experienced in risk management and audit for multiple regions including the US, UK and France. Seasoned operations risk manager. Experience in audit management with external vendors like PWC. Managed RCA for the banking operations business service.
• 6+ years of experience in recruiting top talent for multiple business services at multiple sites.
• Experienced in preparing the required business data and supporting statistics/reports for the business/management within agreed timescales.
• Successful completion of projects and campaigns (with FTE benefits worth ~300k USD) to improve productivity levels, customer experience and first contact resolution thereby accelerating the customer satisfaction level.
• Mentored and coached several top talents in the organisation to achieve success. Engaged with staff through development activities to achieve business objectives, enhance individual potential, sharing knowledge, experience and providing assistance.