Bob Meydam

Freelance Graphic Designer & Print Ad Designer

Location:Wausau, Wisconsin, United States
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Hi my name is Bob and I would love to work for you. Here is a little about my Art and design history.

I have experience Logo Creation, Book Illustration, Book Cover Creation, Book Layout, Ad Creation, News Print Layout, Note Pad Creation, Letterhead Creation Envelope creation, Flyer Creation, Cartoon Creation, and much more.

I am a very creative person who Specializes in Print Design seeing that I have work for a major printing company and in the newspaper industry.

How dose this Benefit you? Well many times when you pay someone to create a logo, book cover, illustration, or any thing else you might want to get printed. You get a product that looks great, but is not print ready.

If a product is not print ready you will have to ether pay the printing company a hourly fee to make it print ready. At my last job it $40 hour with a minimum of two hours worth of work on each job. Or contact your original graphic designer and pay them to recreate it so it will be print ready which I’m sure they would charge you for their services once again, and that is even if they know the specifications for creating something so it is print ready.

When you get a product from me such as a logo, book cover, edited picture, ect… You will receive two products one that is Print Ready and one that is Web Ready.

I a can create and make art, pictures, and media elements and make them web ready, but I don’t currently create Websites.

Thanks and I look forward to working for you.
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Graphic Design
Print Ad Design