Becky Frazier

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Mural Painter

Location:Allison Park, Pennsylvania, United States
2 Skills
About Me:
Most of us can remember coloring in coloring books (before there were apps for that) when we were little. I am a pet portrait artist in Pittsburgh, PA and I can hardly remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or painting. In high school, I didn’t spend much time hanging out, studying, or even paying attention in class. I was in in my room drawing and listening to vinyl. In my young adult years, I became a Veterinary Technician and later a Veterinary Practice Manager. Looking back, I appreciate the art teachers who encouraged me. But I found a way to combine my love for art and animals to share with others.
Why pet portraits? Aren’t photos more realistic?
Drawing allows the artist to control every detail, whereas photography can be a bit limiting. I like to use pastels or oil paints due to the ease of blending and texture creations. I have drawn compulsively with pastels for decades. It’s the vehicle through which I feel my art conveys the soul and personality of my subject.