Dan York

Freelance Drawer & Anime Artist

Location:Wisconsin, United States
Website: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/49125888
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My style for drawing is closer to sketch art than anything else as I absolutely hate doing line art for the things I draw as, in my opinion anyways, doesn't look nearly as good as if I cleaned up the sketch a little and didn't use a single line but instead many big and small lines(depending on where and what I'm lining) when I line. I tend to just draw for fun and will do basic things for free like character design(basic looks not something too complex.), animal/creature, and monster design I'm working on it still but I would say I can get the idea of it an actual design you can see and not just imagine, for backgrounds and environment design I'm proficient at to a certain extent as in I can't draw buildings(at least how I want them to look/imagine them in my head) and cars(I can draw motorcycles and janky looking go-karts or cars made of scrape and don't have a frame to them.)
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Anime Art