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James R. Fleming


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Ph.D. in English, expected in May 2012
Chair: Dr. Donald D. Ault
Readers: Dr. Judith Page and Dr. James Paxson
Tentative Dissertation: Hamlet, Trauma and the English Romantic Movement
GPA: 4.0/4.0

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
M.A. in English, May 2006
Thesis: “Life in Death/Death in Life: Trauma, Testimony and the 1798 Lyrical Ballads”
Chair: Dr. Judith Page
Reader: Dr. Donald D. Ault
GPA: 4.0/4.0

Suffolk University, Boston, MA
B.A. in English (Magna *** Laude), August 2002
Thesis: “Postmodern Approaches to Byron’s Don Juan”
Chair: Dr. Anthony Merzlak
Reader: Dr. Peter Caputo
Minor: Philosophy
GPA: 3.78/4.0

“Portrait of Postmodern Renaissance Men: Postmodern Philosophy in Mad Men.” Forthcoming in Mad Men: A Critical Companion (Syracuse University Press, 2011).

“‘I am dead, Horatio’: Testimony and the Imminence of Hamlet’s Death.” Forthcoming in The St. John’s Humanities Review.

“Mad Men in the Context of the John F. Kennedy Assassination.” Parallax: A Journal of International Perspectives (Vol. 7, Fall 2010)

“Further Down the Road of Excess: Hunter S. Thompson and English Romanticism.” Parallax: A Journal of International Perspectives (Vol. 7, Fall 2009).

“The Faith of Romanticism: Norman Mailer’s Post-Romantic Vision.” The Mailer Review (Vol. 3, Fall 2009).

“But Where is the Castle? Modernist Allegory in Norman Mailer’s The Castle in the Forest.” EAPSU (Vol. 5, Fall 2008).

“‘A World a Borning’: Incommensurable Ontologies in Neil Gaiman’s 1602.” ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies Journal (Vol. 4: Issue 1, Spring 2008).

“Cross Cultural O’Neill: A Bengali Desire Under the Elms.” The Eugene O’Neill Review (Vol. 25: Issues 1 & 2, Spring and Fall 2002, pp. 71 – 93).

Encyclopedia Entries:

“Garrison, Jim,” “Goodbye Columbus,” “In Cold Blood,” “Kennedy, Jacqueline,” “Kessey, Ken,” “Mailer, Norman,” “McNamarra, Robert,” “Oswald, Lee Harvey,” “Plath, Sylvia,” “Pynchon, Thomas,” “Rolling Stones,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Ruby, Jack,” “Viet Cong,” “Warren Comission.” Forthcoming in The Encyclopedia of the Sixties: A Decade of Culture and Counterculture (ABC-CLIO, 2011).

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Review Essays:

“Review of Anthony Del Tol and Conor McReery’s **** Shakespeare.” Rain Taxi Review of Books (Winter 2011).

“Review of Daniel Clowes’s Wilson.” Rain Taxi Review of Books (Fall 2010).

“Review of Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin.” Rain Taxi Review of Books (Summer 2010).

“Review of Dino Franco Felluga’s The Perversity of Poetry: Romantic Ideology and the Popular Male Poet of Genius.” Romantic Textualities (Vol. 16, Summer 2006).

“Review of B.J. Oropeza’s The Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Popular Culture.” ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies Journal (Vol. 3: Issue 1, Summer 2006).

“Review of Danny Figgeroth’s Superman on the Couch.” ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies Journal (Vol. 2: Issue 2, Winter 2006).

“Review of Geoff Klock’s How to Read Superhero Comics and Why.” ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies Journal (Vol. 1: Issue 3, Summer 2005).

Creative Publications:

A Study in Darkness. (Novella). Forthcoming in Failbetter Quarterly.

Subtle Variations. (Novella). Forthcoming from Burrow Press.

“Heart of Madness.” Forthcoming in the Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

“The Rope of Sand.” Forthcoming in The White Whale Review.

“She’s Missing.” Forthcoming in Carve.

“Dead Men in Denmark.” Forthcoming in Smokelong Quarterly.

“My Celebrity Encounters.” McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern 37 (Spring 2011).

“He Tells Her a Story.” Failbetter Quarterly (Winter 2011).

“Cosby Codex Selection VII.” Mcsweeney’s Internet Tendency (8 Feb. 2011).

“Cosby Codex Selection VI.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (19 Jan. 2011).

“Cosby Codex Selection V.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (3 Jan. 2011).

“Cosby Codex Selection IV.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (6 Dec. 2010).

“Cosby Codex Selection III.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (15 Nov. 2010).

“Cosby Codex Selection II.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (27 Oct. 2010)

“Cosby Codex Selection I.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (14 Oct. 2010)

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“Switch.” Venture (Spring 2001: pp. 37-42).

“Pealed.” Venture (Spring 2000: pp. 54-55).

“Inner City Blues.” The Beacon Hill Times (10 July 1999).

Newspaper and Magazine Publications:

“The Postmodern Chekov: An Introduction to Stephen Dixon.” Forthcoming in The Quarterly Conversation.

“The White Album.” Forthcoming in Popmatters.

“The Dark Prince and The Dark Knight.” Forthcoming in Shakespeare Scene.

“The Buffalo Lies Bleeding or the Curse of Hunter.” Popmatters (18 September 2009).

“Ed Harris in The Right Stuff,” “Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange,” “Paul Newman in The Hustler,” “Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now,” “Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon” and “Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver.” Popmatters (28 July 2009).

“Purple Rain in Pop Context.” Popmatters (11 June, 2009)

“Review of John Cheever: A Life by Blake Bailey.” Popmatters (11 May 2009).

Presentations and Conferences:

“Mailer and Byronic Heroism,” presented at the 8th Annual Norman Mailer Conference, 22 October 2009, Norman Mailer Society, Washington, D.C.

“How to Get Weird in the Composition Classroom and Why: Toward a Vision of Gonzo Pedagogy,” presented at the 1st Quarterly University Writing Program Composition Theory Symposium, 18 February 2009, University Writing Program, University of Florida.

“The Faith of Romanticism: Norman Mailer’s Post-Romantic Vision,” presented at the 7th Annual Norman Mailer Conference, 18 October 2008, Norman Mailer Society, Provincetown, MA.

“Envisioning and Re-visioning Gravity’s Rainbow,” presented to Dr. Anastasia Ulanowicz’s Picture Book Seminar, 11 November 2008, Department of English, University of Florida.

“Batman, Romanticism and Trauma,” presented to Dr. Donald Ault’s Comics and Animation Seminar, 7 April 2007, Department of English, University of Florida.

“Incommensurable Ontologies,” presented at the University of Florida Comics Studies Conference, 3 March 2007, University of Florida.

Chair, “The Racial Frontiers of Labor and Subjectivity,” panel at the 8th Annual Marxist Reading Group Conference: Spaces of Dissent: The Borders of Transnational Dreams, 4 April 2006, University of Florida.

Chair, “Madness, Masochism, and Christianity in the Age of Enlightenment,” panel at the Graduate Student Council Forum, 1 April 2005, University of Florida.

“‘And of this place . . . I might have been mistress’: Social Oppression in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park,” presented at the 7th Annual Marxist Reading Group Conference: Grave ReMarx: The Dead Keep Accumulating, 25 March 2005, University of Florida.

“‘Into a Place’: Negotiating the Public and Private Zones of the Estate in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park,” presented at the Negotiating 19th Century Space Conference, 11 March 2005, University of South Carolina.

“The Meta-Reader and Byron’s Don Juan,” English Department Faculty Lecture Series, 22 October 2002, Suffolk University.

“The Dark and The Ideal: A Jungian Reading of Death in Venice,” presented at the Sigma Tau Delta Annual Literary Conference, 15 March 2001, Corpus Christi, TX.

Editorial Experience:

Item Writer, ACT, January 2007-August 2008

Book Review Editor, ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies Journal, Department of English, University of Florida, January 2006-March 2008

Copy-Editor and Proofreader, Dr. Donald Ault’s Visionary Physics and Other Essays, (Station Hill Press, 2008), January 2006-May 2008

Co-Editor and Copy-Editor, Quest: GUE Underwater Lifestyle and Adventure Magazine, August 2005-August 2007

Copy-Editor and Proofreader, Dr. Gail Coffler’s Melville’s Biblical Illusions, (Praeger Publishers, 2004), October 2003-January 2004

Copy-Editor and Proofreader, Dr. Thomas Connolly’s Eugene O’Neill’s Next Century, (Farleigh Dickinson University Press, Forthcoming), September 2002-January 2003

Editorial Adviser, Venture (Literary Magazine), Department of English, Suffolk University, September 2001-May 2004

Editorial and Research Assistant, Theatre Research International, Suffolk University and Oxford University Press, September 2001-May 2003
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