Tom Swift

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Artist, & More

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Once there was a young boy who liked to draw and paint. At school he was often told by his teachers that “we just don’t know what you will be able to do when you leave school” as he was not very academic. Dyslexia and ill health as a child to this day have always hindered this now mans growth. That never stopped him from believing in his ability to tell stories through his art, illustrations and writing.

He now lives in Australia, and is married with two girls, after leaving England in 2007. Where he continues to paint, draw, and write. As well as looking after his two little girls.

Never one to follow the crowd this now middle-aged man has always liked to participate in action sports. From mountain biking, wake boarding to surfing, he has always pushed his limits.

Now that our world has changed due to a global pandemic, this man has realised that it is now time to make some changes and that he should be producing art, illustration and writing full time again. By looking at his examples you can see that he is a versatile artist that can handle most projects, works in different mediums and works on different surfaces.

If you have need of such a person whether its producing art for advertising or illustrating a children’s book , this could be your man.

Tom Swift Artist, Illustrator and Author.