Mike Kabala

Freelance Website Programmer & Ecommerce Programmer

Location:Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States
2 Skills
Michael R. Kabala
1402 22,d St.
Sioux City, IA 51104

Home Phone: 712-258-9366
Cell Phone: 712-204-3990
Email: mike.kabala@gmail.com


Over 15 years experience designing and implementing database-driven web
applications. Experienced with XML, ASP, and Perl/CGI. Proven ability to
complete projects on time and on budget with minimal supervision. Track
record of early defect detection through continuous software testing.

Technical Skills:

Hardware Platforms – Windows Personal computers, Apple Macintosh
Operating Systems -- Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux
Web Technologies – PHP, ASP, Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, XML, HTTP, SOAP, LAMP


Employer 1: Stream Global Services, Inc.


102 Sergeant Square Drive
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

From: 11/2010
To: 4/2011

Temporary Position: Telephone Technical Support

Wage: $10.50/hour

Supervisor: Jason Brunz

Employer 2: Total Card, Inc.

Job Description:

Provided technical assistance over the telephone to accountants using professional tax preparation software.


5109 S Broadband Ln
Sioux Falls, SD

From: 9/2006
To: 9/2010

Starting Position: Web Developer
Ending Position: Web Developer

Starting Salary: $60,000/year
Ending Salary: $62,000/year

Supervisor: Lisa Doppenberg

Job Description:

Developed Credit Card application websites.

Integrated web applications with a back-end MS-SQL database.

Reformatted Photoshop graphic files for display on web pages.

Implemented AJAX controls.

Employer 3: Graffix, Inc.

1501 Zentih Dr.
Sioux City, IA 51103

Phone: (712) 293-2000

From: 5/2004
To: 7/2006

Starting Position: Web Site Manager
Ending Position: Web Site Manager

Starting Salary: $21,000/year
Ending Salary: $23,000/year

Supervisor: Brad Graff

Job Description:

Managed a e-commers website for www.sportssanta.com. Developed and maintained back-end SQL Server Database. Improved web traffic by developing targeted keywords for improved search engine ranking.

Employer 4: MCI Communications, Inc.


1020Sergeant Square Drive
Sergeant Bluff,IS 51054

Phone: (712) 943-1000

From: 11/2003
To: 5/2004

Starting Position: Inbound Customer Service
Ending Position: Inbound Customer Service

Starting Salary: $26,000/year
Ending Salary: $26,000/year

Supervisor: No longer working there

Job Description:

Provided inbound telecommunications customer support to MCI customers who called in.

Employer 5: Gateway, Inc.


610 Gateway Drive
North Sioux City, SD 57049

Phone: (605) 232-2000

From: 4/1995
To: 3/2003

Starting Position: Software Engineer 1995 - 1999
Ending Position: Senior Software Engineer

Starting Salary: $40,000/year
Ending Salary: $54,000/year

Supervisor: Dave Jacobson

Job Description:

Designed and implemented a web application using ASP and client-side JavaScript to query a database and calculate gross margin on quoted systems. This allowed over 1000 sales reps to accurately perform calculations that had previously been done using an Excel spreadsheet.

Designed an ASP class library to support navigation between web pages via skinable tabs similar to those on a multi-page Excel worksheet. This reduced the time required by developers within the organization to design complex web applications by up to 25%.

Organized and taught a class on basic HTML. This gave other programmers within the organization the skills necessary to enable them to design Dynamic HTML web pages

Developed and implemented an ASP web application to retrieve XML signature tracking data from UPS web service. This enabled users to print proof-of-delivery letters for up to 10 tracking numbers at once

Installed web server software, designed and implemented an XML database driven ASP web application to collect prospect information at a trade show with a fixed project delivery deadline of less than one month

Designed and implemented a web application that allowed managers to directly update product discount schedules. This reduced update time from over two weeks to less than 1/2 hour.

Designed and implemented a web application that allowed over 1000 sales reps to fax or email quotes to customers using current cost and configuration data.

Employer 6: M. A. Ford, Mfg. Co., Inc.


7737 Northwest Blvd
Davenport, IA 52806

Phone: (563) 391-6220

From: 9/1989
To: 4/1995

Starting Position: Software Engineer
Ending Position: Software Engineer

Starting Salary: $28,000/year
Ending Salary: $30,000/year

Supervisor: Robert Hill

Job Description:

Designed, tested, and implemented real-time PC software in C to control industrial cutting tools and robotic loading machine producing precision drill bits.

Designed PC graphing software in C to plot cross-sectional drill bit profiles using algorithms derived from a mechanical engineering technical paper and translating existing FORTRAN code to C.

Employer 7: Mehta Tech, Inc.


208 N. 12th Ave.
Eldridge, IA 52748

Phone: (563) 285-9151

From: 6/1986
To: 9/1989

Starting Position: Software Engineer
Ending Position: Software Engineer

Starting Salary: $26,000/year
Ending Salary: $28,000/year

Supervisor: Harish Mehta

Job Description:

Programmed, tested, and documented real-time software for digital gault/event recorders used by the electric power industry. Programmed in Microsoft C and Assembly Language on IBM PC compatible hardware.

Wrote and edited software User Manuals using Microsoft Word on a Macintosh computer.

Performed final hardware checkout prior to customer delivery and designed procedures for the same.

Provided telephone technical support to customers and training to Mehta Tech personnel.

Employer 8: Sperry Corporation (Unisys)


2276 Highcrest Blvd.
Roseville, MN 55113

Phone: (800) 338-3501

From: 6/1983
To: 10/1985

Starting Position: Associate Logician
Ending Position: Associate Logician

Starting Salary: $24,000/year
Ending Salary: $26,000/year

Supervisor: Leroy Larsen

Job Description:

Performed detailed logic circuit design for Sperry 1100 series processor. Verified correct logical operation of designed circuits using a software simulator.

Assisted with generation and debugging of board-level hardware tests for use by field service personnel.

Assisted with verification of hardware simulators and prototype hardware. Generated microcode and documentation for the same.


College: Iowa State University
Location: Ames, IA
Years: 4
Degree: BS
Major: Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.5

College: Drake University
Location: Des Moines, IA
Years: 4
Degree: BA
Major: Journalism (Graphic Arts),
GPA: 2.8

High School: West High School
Location: Davenport, IA
Years: 3
Graduated: HS Diploma
GPA: 3.0