Rose Vestey

Freelance Artist, Painter, & More

Location:Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom
8 Skills
I am a London based artist who graduated from the University of Brighton in 2018 with a Fine Art Painting degree, having completed a fantastic foundation course at the Royal Drawing School. Since September I have been a part time observational drawing tutor at Chelsea Fine Art Studios. For this job I teach a range of children approaches to drawing/painting/pastel. Prior to this job I worked for a year as a freelance hair and makeup artist in London, before working on Amazon Prime's Outlander.
Around the classes I teach I have been furthering my skills by exploring and printmaking producing some series of works enjoying the endless variety of approaches printmaking can offer. Having displayed my work in a number of exhibitions as well as completing a constant stream of commissions I can develop my own practice but also work within requirements of commissions.
However printmaking has really inspired me to have a go at turning my hand to illustration and realise the potential of the suggestive narratives within my work. More recently I have been commissioned to make small illustrations for a high end property maintenance company as part of their membership pack.
I have also always been interested in English Literature, with an analytical and imaginative approach to interpretation.
As a keen reader, a visual worker, and someone who works with children, based on my experience and skill set, bringing a narrative to life would be something I would be well suited to.