Andrew Haan (@haanmade)

Freelance Mural Painter, Digital Artist, & More

Location:West Hollywood, California, United States
4 Skills
My name is Andrew Haan and I am an artist/muralist living and working in Los Angeles. My design style is heavily inspired by my background in graphic design and architecture. Clean lines, pattern work, and geometric shapes are major themes in what I create. As an artist, I am fascinated with lines and their infinite potential in art and design. With a combination of shapes, bold colours and patterns, I feel as though I bring a sense of relatability and accessibility with what I do. The result is a direct representation of my thought process and how I choose to see the world.

In recent years, I have found a passion for painting murals and other public art projects. Murals have a way of transforming spaces, beautifying communities, and promoting public engagement. With a combination of shapes, bold colours and patterns, my art brings a sense of relatability and accessibility. In its abstraction, my mural work translates well to a public forum and can brighten any space. Over the last couple of years, I have created eight mural ranging in scale. Working with clean lines, bright colours, and bold patterns, my designs bring a sense of fun and sophistication while also appealing to a broad audience.