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Location:East Rockaway, New York, United States
Phone: 516-435-6539
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My Name is Kenneth Truhn and I am 25 years old. I am an all-around Musician/Artist/Songwriter/Producer from Long Island, NY...
I currently work out of The Music Palace in West Hempstead, Ny
I am a dedicated person when it comes to finishing projects or being creative. I have a huge background and outstanding track record... I am Curently signed to Social Records LLC and am the face of with my current rock band The Captive.

I play every instrument, sing, write, perform and can produce and engineer recording sessions.
I have taught music for 6 years at both Oceanside and Long Beach Music Schools... You can find various videos of me on youtube by searching Kenny Truhn/ Snottaynose/ The Captive/ K - Snottay/ The Palace Life/ I have scored development deals with Capitol Records in 2005 and Burning Records in 2004... below is simply My resume.

Kenneth Truhn
11 Kirgan Ct
East Rockaway, NY 11518
T 516-435-6539

I am energetic, goal oriented, hard working, reliable, and an asset to any business. My goal is to obtain a career where I can apply my talents, intellect, personal style and sophistication to strengthen my character and skills for the future. These skills, when applied to a new position, will not only advance me, but also will advance the business to which I’m hired.

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter/Studio Musician, The Music Palace West Hempstead, NY - 2010 -
I aided clients in whatever assistance they needed, being a session player to running sessions, coaching clients with their vocals and instrumentation, booking clients, and even song writing for them. I am a skilled Drummer, Guitarist, Vocalist , Producer and Audio Engineer . Not only did I have to be sharp on my toes with whatever was being thrown my way, but I had to keep clients happy and comfortable, in order for projects to run smoothly and end ef?ciently.

Music Teacher, Long Beach & Oceanside Music Schools, NY — 2005 - 2010
With students ranging from 4 years of age to 80, my responsibilities were to improve and educate my students in music. I taught drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and beginner piano. I maintained a relationship with my students by making the learning process more fun and challenging.

Institute of Audio Research New York, NY - 2004-2005
Oceanside High School Oceanside, NY - 1999-2003

I am a skilled musician excelling in song-writing and teaching. I have lots of Audio Knowledge.
In any workplace, I am known to be extremely organized, easily capable to multitasking in manic situations, and managing and directing staff with a ?rm, yet modest and encouraging attitude.