Neil McCann

Freelance Document Designer & Website Designer

Location:Vista, California, United States
2 Skills
Technical Writing/Innovation
Software Management
Project Team Building

Qualification Summary:
Extremely technical, meticulously objective, with an unsurpassed eye for detail and functional layout, I bring decades of experience working in a variety of technologies and visual formats to work for your company. I have a global outlook of the business community and the various factors that are needed in order to manage people and projects internationally. I have excellent command of the English language and I am able to articulate what is needed. I am experienced in working with business units to acquire and document business rules, as well as developing suitable plans of action, prioritizing all tasks and providing status updates. Ability to project a “can-do” positive attitude along with proven analytical, evaluative and problem-solving skills.


Online Technical Services, Vista, California August 2009 – Present

Technical Liaison to a licensed consulting business that specializes in technical documentation. Company clients include:
Technocom Wireless, GPS 911 Emergency government mandated location finder and resource allocation software. Administration, User Specification and Training materials.
Winkie Interactive, Multimedia Developers for Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries
Writing of pharmaceutical training course material and user guides, as well as HTML coding, editing/proofing, creating test documents, etc. for interactive web site content.
R. Zink & Associates, Clinical and Forensic Psychology
Transcription/Edit/Proof of Medical/Workers’ Compensation QME/AME Reports, utilizing Digital Transcription equipment, for a group of Psychologists/Psychiatrists.
Narrative Press
Converting, Layout, Editing, and Proofing of adventure and exploration publications, marketed as high-quality trade paperbacks and eBooks.

Yamagata America, member of the Yamagata Group of Companies, Japan
San Diego, California June 2007 – July 2009

Manager, Document Design Center (Hosting, Localization, PrePress DTP, Document Automation and New Business Development, Forest Services Council (FSC), ISO 9000 and 14000 certified).

Oversaw budget, including sales forecasts and day to day management of department staff consisting of various project managers and project coordinators working out of America, Japan and Singapore in the creation of technical manuals for Panasonic, Sony and other Japanese electronics companies. Extensive travel in North America and Asia. Indesign, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Photoshop, CorelDraw.

Provided executive briefings on new technologies and methodologies to corporate offices in Japan and Singapore specifically surrounding Document Automation and Web-to-Print technologies that were available and that we were incorporating for our product offering.
Project Sponsor, Negotiated terms, SOW, designed and oversaw project development of a global Web-to-Print application for a corporate partner that offered various printed products to be ordered on line that has been implemented in Japan and the US. MySQL, PHP, Flex, Linux environment.

Created, setup and demonstrated Document Automation Applications utilizing DITA XML schema's in America, Japan and Singapore to show the cost benefits of automation especially with regards to Localization. Provided training seminars in San Diego. XyEnterprise Contenta, SDL S1000D.

Hosting Service Project Management. Recommended, purchased, oversaw and installed all Hardware and specialized Software in a Data Center to allow access to Japan and other off site locations via Citrix virtual desktops for the creation of and functioning of document automation. MS Server, DITA OpenToolKit, Citrix, XYSoft, Perl and Oracle environment.
Software Project Management. Took over the design and building of a local Fulfillment Management System (FMS) software development project from our Singapore office and redesigned it into an international FMS that would enable customers to be able to view and purchase products in their own language and currency. MS Project, MySQL, PHP, Flex, Linux environment.

Manager of the Localization department that provides translation services in over 36 languages for printed manuals, web sites, and software packaging. SDL Trados environment.

Total Training Resources, San Diego, California February 2007 – May 2007

Document Management Guidelines, Courseware Template Design, Courseware Development, and Corporate Technical Administrative Instruction.

Core technologies covered were Red Hat Linux, Networking and Perl programming.

Comprehensive Training Systems, Oceanside, California October 2004 – February 2007

Instructor, certified by the State of California to teach the complete Microsoft Office Suite of Programs and A-Plus Computer and Network Certification courses.
Word: Page Setup, Text Formatting, Template Creation, Macro Creation, Mail Merge, Defining Styles, Labels, Tables, Headers/Footer, Indexing, Import/Export and TOC.
Excel: Workbook Setup, Functions, Sorting, Add-Ins, Import/Export, Column Headings, Merge Fields, Calculations, Conditional Formatting, Datasheet Links, and Charting.
Access: Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, Switchboards, Import/Export, Relationships Data Structures, and Security
PowerPoint: Text and Graphic Manipulation, Balance, Color Theory, Animation, Slide Transition, Master Slides, Timing and Special Effects.
A+ Cert: Computer Setup, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Peripherals, BIOS and CMOS.
N+ Cert: Network Topography, Security, Troubleshooting, Routers, Gateways and Permissions.

Systems Programming Limited (SPL) WorldGroup, Morristown, New Jersey 1996 – 2001
Project Manager/Trainer/Analyst

Project Manager supporting a Canadian subsidiary of one of our larger US Energy clients, aiding in the development, enhancement and troubleshooting of CIS PLUS (General Ledger, Inventory Control) for the Canadian market. Tasks include managing conversion methodology, support, design, documentation and implementation of enhancements, including redesigning billing and rate estimation, and credit and collection routines, technical resource management, systems analysis, and quality assurance management. Updated and revised all relevant Sales and Marketing literature including all PowerPoint presentations to conform to company and industry standards including color scheme, graphical illustrations and styles.

Managed a 24-month, large multi-million dollar Legacy/Cordaptix conversion project for PGE in Philadelphia. Interfaced with all levels of upper management. Developed and created Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to adhere to the Statement of Work (SOW) and maintained Project Plan Scheduling using Microsoft Project. Managed a development staff of twelve programmers and three DBA’s. Developed and implemented a new methodology utilizing the Parallel Direct Load feature of Oracle using SQL Plus, cutting the conversion timeframe of Legacy data exponentially. Spearheaded a new database layout for the CIS Plus product to take advantage of Oracle built-in functionality, including methods of automatic extent sizing, proper tablespace structure, and optimizing of the indexing scheme, to take better advantage of SQL access methods. Interfaced with representatives of HP for optimizing the Oracle database on HP-UX (Unix) platform. Investigated and recommended hardware components.Developed templates and guidelines for sales personnel to follow. Manipulated graphics using Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Created and updated technical manuals for programmers and developers including template modifications and definition of styles for various subsystems. Included mockups of proposed GUI screens. Proofed training manuals for end-users to ensure system feature descriptions were accurate.

Taught, using Visio to display all system schematic and flowcharts including Bachman Database diagrams, developed, wrote and presented 40 hour technical training sessions, given to our clients senior programming staff on site in Michigan and Nebraska. Topics covered in depth management of the enhancement control process and maintenance of systems, including the various standards and techniques used throughout the various subsystems of our product, our object oriented methodology, database structure, update, validation, audit and batch processes.

Designed and created an internal informational database for use by the sales department, using Microsoft Access that linked to our Oracle database utilizing a People Soft front end. Designed and built all links, tables, queries, forms, reports and macros that supplied the sales staff with demonstration information for prospective clients at the click of the button.

Developed a Project Risk Management database to support Contingency Planning. Gave weekly internal/external status reports using various formats depending on information presented, including Gantt, and Resource charts. Maintained all administration functions, resource plans and budgeting, including time and travel approvals, and performance review evaluations for team members.

Created and presented a one hour product overview as part of the company's two day seminar for new hires every two months, or as needed, giving an overview of hardware, software and business methods employed at SPL. Topics covered in the overview ranged from platform specific hardware through licensing fees and partnering strategies, company object oriented methodology, and all relevant subsystems.

Reid Software, Haddonfield, NJ 1996
Project Lead
Created documentation standards and templates
Prepared weekly status reports
Led JAD sessions with customers
Quality Assurance
GUI interface design and functionality
Visual Basic on the Microsoft Access platform
Managing and developing the building of a real estate management system
Oversaw a staff of four programmers
Developed WBS based on SOW
Maintained a project plan

City of Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver, B.C. 1994 - 1996
Editor of the Vancouver Police Blockwatch quarterly Newsletter.
Worked with the Community Liaison Department in putting together a local newsletter to keep the community abreast of programs that were available for their involvement and protection, put on by the local police department and the city. Individual heroics were also included as were local crime watches and scams to watch out for.
Veger and McCann Publishing, Vancouver Lower Mainland 1990 – 1996
Technical Writer and Consultant for various companies including:

Canac MicroTel Systems Engineering,
Managed tasks included the assembly and coordination of RFP material from all engineering departments, the creation/manipulation of all graphics including transformation of visual material to digital format, and the establishment of styles and standards including conversion from Mac platforms and IBM.

Municipality of Surrey,

Wrote an efficiency report for engineering on the proper use of graphical software and interfaces. Recommended styles and standards to be used as well as installing all needed graphical software.

International Centre for Sustainable Cities,
Aided in the development of in-house libraries used for accessing various governmental presentations, studies, white papers and graphics, including GUI design and functionality, using Visual Basic on the Microsoft Access platform.

Ministry of Fisheries, Federal Government of Canada,
Transposed visual material to digital format for slide presentations.
Khlon Leondorff Engineering,

Leading projects relating to the publication/formatting of documents and marketing material.
GLOBE '90, ’92, ‘94 - Federal Government of Canada

Reviewed published material and recommended changes in format and binding. Organized and edited both French and English publications, according to set standards with regard to order, style, conciseness and terminology. Aided in the selection and insertion of all photographs, drawings, charts and diagrams to illustrate material.
Canadian Diabetic Association, Vancouver, B.C. 1992 - 1993
Managing Editor of Reach Magazine. Created and maintained project plans for the entire Publishing Life Cycle from conception, sales, submissions, layout, interfacing with commercial printers, delivery, and mailings.
Took a black and white 16 page quarterly publication and turned it into a full four (4) color 32 page magazine. My responsibilities were the editing and production of the magazine. Tasks included layout and insertion of all advertising material, editing, creating, procuring and inserting all graphics, and liaison with production company including blue copy proofing.
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
Engineering Management Masters Certificate -
Project Management
Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC
Business Administration
Computer Systems Management
Emily Carr Academy of Fine Art, BC
Graphic Design
Vancouver Vocational College
Hospitality Management
Vancouver Community College
Theatre Arts, Economics
Banff School of Fine Art
Stage Craft

MCP - Microsoft
Certified Professional - Windows Operating System Architecture
CNA - Novel
Certified Novel Administrator
RHCT -Linux
RedHat Certified Technician
Specialized Course Work
Legal, Ethical and Intellectual Property
Project Control/Change Management
Cost Estimating for Capital Projects
Strategic Cost Analysis
Organizational Behavior
Data Network and Communication Planning
Information Systems Planning and Development
Operating Systems and Application Software
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Document Design
Website Design