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Russ Parkhurst

Freelance Portrait Painter, Caricature Artist, & More

Location:Clive, Iowa, United States
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I've been a freelance commercial artist for over thirty years but until recently most of my time went to looking after my disabled younger brother. He died. Now I'm trying to pick up the pieces of my life and the best way to do that is keep working, as they say if it's art it's therapy.

I hold three college degrees in art, an Associate Degree in Commercial Art, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Masters in Art Education, the latter two degrees achieved at Drake University where I worked closely with renowned artist Jules Kirschenbaum. I also served a professional apprenticeship under portrait painter and international adventurer Dimitar Krustev. I've also taught art publicly and privately.

My specialty is the human face and form. I've done everything from airbrushed caricatures in amusement parks to classical Old Master-style oil portraits. These days I am accepting portrait commissions only as I have decided to specialize in such at this point in my life.

I am also a published poet and find it complementary to my visual arts work. As I've told my students several times, all arts are visual arts because one must always visualize and as one of my poetry professors in college told me, a poem is a painting sung to music.