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Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator

Location:Belmont, New Hampshire, United States
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I have Adobe Photoshop! I do graphic design art, character design (help you create characters or drew them), I enjoy Illustrating for books, I can draw portraits of you or your loved ones and pets. Experience digital drawing since 2008, experience at 7 years old, I can also do video editing, logo design, tattoo design, book covers, profile covers, posters, 3D and 2D drawings, I can makes up a character in minutes. I can draw all kinds of things anything you can think of! The only weakness is landscape other than that, I can draw anything you can imagine! I work best doing something character related like a book or a character in digital art in some way. But I also take OC requests as well! Or any YouTube cover art you may want.

Video editing since 2011, Video edit everyday I know the basics and some advance and know how to use a lot of different movie maker software.

I know how to draw anything you can imagine but I mostly draw, Miraculous Ladybug, Animal Crossing, The Simpsons, All kinds of Pokemon, Mario, Super Heros, Butch Hartman Art Style, Disney Characters, Bratz, Developing my own art styles as well.
are recent art styles I did, just to give you an idea on art styles I can do, I can do any art style you can think of!

Payment method would be threw a gift card code (Visa or Amazon) because I don't have a Bank Account yet, since I don't have one I can't use PayPal ether because it requires your bank in order to take money out..I hope that wont be too much of a struggle.
Need further info, message me!
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