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It is what is
Everything as a whole
And trial brings bliss
Our ultimate goal
But, not of this material world
Where wants are weathered
Where egos are swirled
And bonds are severed
Negativity is force fed through a rusty spoon
Hearts are detained by vanity
Taught to fear the sun and moon
It's stripped us of our humanity
More or less all I have is next to nothing left
And I know I have everything I need
You may think this world has stranded me bereft
It'd be true if I were a creature of greed
But, I get by how I can
Just living day to day
No worries about my life span
Or how I'm going to get paid
What work is there for you
When you have no job for me?
I'm not looking for a way through
By just learning how to see
Everything in life goes wrong
This is why 'if' is in the middle
It's our job to stay strong
And work out the rest of the riddle
But, searching for answers will only lead us blind
In this cycle we continue to seek
Because, they're really isn't an answer to find
To make our outcome less bleak
Just stay positive however low life leads you
The worst is never the end
Through all the hardships it leads through
Life will pull you back up again
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