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Dominique Jackson

Freelance Wedding Photographer & Nature Photographer

Location:Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
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Dominique Jackson
147 Isenberg Drive
Gray, TN 37615

I have always loved taking pictures. Being able to capture the beauty of the world around me is something that interests me. I would like to be able to take pictures that speak to a lot of people. I hope that these pictures will change people’s minds about issues like global warming and animal cruelty. I also want to be able to use pictures to bring things to light that perhaps most people wouldn’t see otherwise. Photography is a powerful element.The written word is a powerful medium, but so is seeing an actual representation of a situation. One of my career goals is to work for National Geographic. This has been a dream of mine for some time and I believe that I can achieve it. National Geographic is a wonderful organization and if I'm able to be a part of it that would be amazing. Other career goals of mine are to be the best photographer that I can be, to touch people with my work, to make them think, to make them take action. I would love to be able to travel the world and bring back images that will tell people the tales of other cultures and expose them to things that they've never seen before. Animals are also a huge passion of mine and I want to be able to use my skills as a photographer to help save as many of them as I can. Terrible things happen to animals every day that people are not aware of because it isn't put in their faces. I want to be able to do that, to show people that there is cruelty happening under their noses. I want to be able to show them a way to help stop this. As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words." I believe this and I want to make my pictures say a thousand words every time.

I am a hard-working, fast learning individual. I would like to find a job that will not only help me pay bills, but that will further me in my work and social skills. I am a good typist, and enjoy doing computer related work. I am also good at answering phone calls and handling appointments. I have skills in cooking, and I enjoy meeting new people and helping people. I attended Virginia Intermont College this past school year and majored in Photography, with a minor in Equine Studies. I plan to continue my college studies this Fall semester at ETSU, studying to be a dental hygienist.
Photography is my number one passion, and if I can find a meaningful job in that field, it would make me very happy. My cover letter says all that I can say about that. I have used digital cameras and Photoshop for around 5 years now. I have worked with two professional photographers shooting events and weddings. I've worked with models and regular people. Nature photography is a huge passion of mine and I would love to be able to pursue it.

• High School
Gateway Christian Schools
Memphis, TN
Attended for 4 years and graduated with a diploma from
• College
Virginia Intermont College
Bristol, VA
Attended Fall 2010-Spring 2011. Majored in Photography, with a minor in Equine Studies.

Work Experience:
• Rugged Warehouse
Johnson City, TN
Worked as a retail clerk from August 2008-July 2009. Stocked shelves, unloaded boxes, ran the register, interacted with customers in finding merchandise.

• Advanced Digital Imaging
Johnson City, TN
Assistant photographer to owner, Mike Bowling. Started in January 2010 and the job continues almost every weekend. Helped with customers, shot weddings and events.

• Virginia Intermont College Barn
Bristol, VA
Did daily barn duties, helped with the horses, and office duties, such as calendar events, organizing papers and making appointments. From September 2010-April 2011.