Daniel Ayers

Freelance Network Security Freelancer & System Administrator

Location:Wanaka, Taranaki, New Zealand
2 Skills
I am a deeply technical person with a broad skill set and decades of experience. In addition to my experience in DevOps, networking, architecture, security and forensics I have given expert evidence in court many times (including for the prosecution in criminal trials) and worked in management consulting (working for Deloitte as a Senior Manager).

I hold Honours (1992) and Masters (1995) degrees in Computer Science from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Some examples of my work:

- Engineering lead for a cloud provider - designing & deploying a new libvirt/qemu-kvm platform with NVMe storage; developing management/automation software in Python using libvirt Python bindings; design of shared storage; diagnosing and fixing system problems.

- Penetration testing & security consulting - web application security; system security; network security.

- Software development in Python, Ada, C, C#, bash etc.

Flexible with time zones to suit client communication needs.