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Location:Harrington, Delaware, United States
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Ken Moritz
124 Lucky Ben Drive Harrington, DE 19952
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Secure a position, in the area of data base development and business intelligence.

Computer skills
Proficient in: Microsoft Visual Basic® 6.0, ASP, T-SQL, PL/SQL, DTS packages, Crystal Reports 7-10, Microsoft Reporting Services 2008
Familiar with: Java, Visual Basic .Net, Java Script, Oracle Forms/Reports, Oracle ERP, Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Microsoft Access and Oracle 8i/9i, Informix, Sybase, Teradata, Microsoft Analysis Server 2000/2005/2008
Platforms: Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows XP

1/2009 - Present

Aspect Software
Aspect Software purchased AIM Technology so the responsibilities in regards to the newly renamed AIM Performance to Performance Edge are the same.

Responsible for writing contributors out of Aspects data warehouse for the Performance Edge database using SSIS packages as well as creating and designing analysis services cubes and dimensions.

Other responsibilities are performing knowledge transfers of Aspects Unified IP (UIP) and Advanced List Management (ALM). The knowledge transfer consist of either on site visits or remote phone calls to help clients understand how to connect to the databases as well as how to acquire the data they need to report on.

Primary developer of Reporting services reports for in house project tracker and financial application.

Implementation Specialist
3/2006 - 1/2009

AIM Technology
AIM Performance Applications are a family of web-based workflow and analytical software applications, purpose built for contact center operations. These applications enable centers to optimize the key business processes and activities required to motivate, measure and manage their operation to meet their key revenue, service, and efficiency goals. AIM Performance Applications can be used as individual applications or collectively, as they share common reporting, analytics, data integration and organizational models via the AIM Performance Suite Technology Platform.

Primary responsibilities are to work with both new and existing customer to first document requirements and produce a statement of work for the customer to sign off and then to either do the work myself or to delegate it to a co-worker. Responsibilities of doing the work are managing the project from start to finish including weekly status reports and making sure project stays on task and completes on time.

For new clients typically there will be 2 servers. One will be the database server which runs Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Analysis services. The AIM Performance product uses its own database in SQL Server which holds all the data for the specific installation. The second will be the application server which is running Microsoft IIS. The application server is where the AIM Performance software is installed.
To acquire the information for AIM Performance DTS packages are created to pull data from multiple data sources into tables in the AIM Performance database. Views are created to build the cubes, measure and calculated members off of.

For existing clients work can range from upgrading the version of AIM Performance to creating custom workflow and web forms. The workflow is proprietary software but has syntax similar to Vbscript. The web forms are basic html with Aimscript and JavaScript tags embedded.

9/2005 - 3/2006

RCG Technology (6 month contract with Walt Disney World Reservation Center)
Provide primary support for 3rd party agent dashboard web application (AIM) for 1500 plus agents and their supervisors. In charge of trouble shooting any system issues and assist in install upgrades and hot fixes.

Primary developer responsible for adding, updating and formatting data in Microsoft Analysis server cubes for AIM application. This consists of updating or creating new views and creating calculated members.

Developer tasked with creating six web applications using ASP, SQL server and Teradata. Each of the six applications allows the application administrators to modify data visible through the front end but not actually update the underlying data.

Senior Programmer Analyst
9/2000 - 9/2005

Precision Response Corporation
Primary developer responsible for enhancing, developing and tuning existing back office VB6/DOS batch script interfaces. These interfaces connect to multiple data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, Access and files to extract the required data and inserts them into our back office ERP for billing, payroll and human resources.
Work with a business intelligence team to design and develop VB6/SQL Server DTS interfaces to combine disparate data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase and Excel spread sheets. These interfaces are required to cleanse and map the data before it is written into the data warehouse.
Design and develop custom Crystal Reports for specific client request. The majority of the data for the reports come from either SQL Server or Oracle stored procedures and views developed by me.
Key member in the software development life cycle. Responsible for meeting with business analysts and project manager to come up with initial ideas for projects and creating either technical impact analysis for enchantments to existing projects or technical specifications for new projects. Work with a team to determine new technology needs and third party system upgrades or patch requirements.
Designed and developed a new hire data entry form on our local intranet for all new hires and applicants using ASP and Java script. This web application allows new hires to enter there name and social to pull up existing information about them and allows them to verify and update personal information. The web application also helped in getting us closer to be a paperless environment by allowing the new hires to submit multiple company policy forms online instead of printing them.
Work with a team to design and develop an offline tracking application for over 300 employees using Oracle Forms/Reports and VB6. This application consisted of two parts. Part one is a VB6 application that runs on a user desktop that collects card swipes read by a badge barcode reader and inserts them into a custom Oracle table. The second part is an Oracle Forms web application that allows the manager to take action on the swipe the employee just made and choose a category of what that employee is going to do such as breaks, lunch, training or going back to work. The Oracle Forms web application also allows the manager to run reports on all employee activity. The overall out come of the project help increase productivity by 30%.
Worked as a project manger to test and implement new copy, purge and archive tool for our Kronos time keeping system. This product allows us to keep the database size down to help increase performance of the Kronos time keeping system.
Tasked with helping to mentor junior support and development employees in our department. On a daily basis help with day to day support issues that arise with any of our custom interfaces and batch process. Constantly assisting junior developer with design and development questions and techniques.

Programmer Analyst
4/1999 - 9/2000

The Dress Barn Inc
Converted over 50 Lease Probe Crystal Reports from an Oracle 7 to Oracle 8 database. Created many new views to increase speed accuracy, and efficiency of reports.
Designed, developed and implemented a multi user store Phone Number database application with Visual Basic 6. Collected data from many different sources, such as Excel spread sheets, Access Databases, and AS/400 files and compiled it into one Oracle Database. The Store Phone Number database keeps track of not only store information for over 700 stores, but also all of their relevant phone information.
Involved in the reporting piece of our Import Tracking system that was converted from an old file based system to a dynamic Visual Basic/Oracle system. Created over 30 Crystal Reports and 50 views to fulfill all of the user's needs and requests.
Designed, developed and implemented a multi user Time Card and Estimate Writing database application with Visual Basic 6. The Estimate Writing Application allows users to enter Initial Estimated, Current Estimated and Actual costs for hardware, software, consultants and in-house hours, as well as project detail, project justification and alternatives. It also allows users to view Crystal Reports based on data entered from both the Time Card and Estimate Writer Applications. The Time Card Application allows the four directors of MIS to keep track of their costs and employee hours for each project.
Designed, developed and implemented an Internet/Intranet Web Application for our Buying Department. This application allows our buyers from both our Retail and Catalog departments to complete the full process of having an article of clothing manufactured. This system was designed to reduce paperwork and increase accuracy. It allows the buyers and brokers to exchange information via a web site, instead of having to use fax or email to communicate. The web site was written with HTML and JavaScript using MS FrontPage as the development studio. The server side was written in Java using Java Servlets. The backend was developed in Oracle8 using PL/SQL. Once the buyer and broker agree on a design, color, and cost of a piece of clothing, a purchase order is created then fed into our Import Tracking system, were it can be monitored from when and where it is manufactured to its delivery in Suffern.


Cittone Institute
7/1998 - 4/1999

Mahwah, New Jersey
Computer Programming Certificate
10/1999 - Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL - Parsippany, NJ
4/2002 -XML Fundamentals for Developers - Sunrise, FL
4/2002 - Advanced XML Programming - Sunrise, FL
3/2005 - SQL Server 2000, Analysis Server and DTS - Miami, FL
8/2009 - SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance
10/2009 - Aspect Unified IP System Management Essentials
12/2009 - Aspect Advanced List Management Systems Management Essentials

References available upon request
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