Andrew Gray

Freelance Researcher & Content Writer

Location:Topeka, Kansas, United States
2 Skills
Research and Promotions
Self employed - Topeka, KS
September 2013 to Present
Assisting several local companies and non-profit organizations in their needs for research and
promotions. Responsibilities include, but not limited to –
* Writing and editing websites
* Collecting, disseminating and organizing information per the customer’s request
* Creating and promoting fundraisings events for non-profit organizations
* Utilizing several mediums in the promotion of a company’s products and services
* Examples of groups I have assisted are Foundation House, Anathema Art and Kansas Republican
I assisted many private non profits in the promotion of the services they provided. Brought public
awareness to these groups who otherwise would not receive the attention.
Skills Used
Excellent verbal and written communication. I utilized public relations with other private and
governmental organizations.
Order Support Specialist
AT&T - Topeka, KS
April 1998 to September 2013
Selling, maintaining and creating a wide variety of goods and services offered by AT&T. Responsibilities
include, but not limited to - From 1998-2003 selling a broad of spectrum of goods and services to fit
the needs of customers. From 2003-Present as Service Order Specialist working with customers and
other companies to ensure a smooth transition to AT&T. It entails maintaining excellent communication
skills and highly technical ability. It is difficult to describe exactly what I did from day since it changed
rapidly and one needed to adapt.
At some points the issues that came about were very difficult to resolve for customers. Whether it was
billing, orders or interacting with another company. My job gave me great career satisfaction and even
more so when a particularly difficult issue was resolved.
Skills Used
You had to have exemplar oral and written skills to convey a message. You also had to possess problem
solving skills.
Public Relations
Ottawa Retirement Complex - Ottawa, KS
September 1993 to March 1998
Responsible for representing a large retirement complex in the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas.
Responsibilities included, but not limited to -
* Promoting a positive image of geriatric care on any level for the elderly
* Networking and developing relationships with several social agencies as a resource for the elderly
* Creating events involving the community to promote the awareness of the care that could be
* Meeting with families and the resident in the transition of their loved ones into the retirement
I was able to increase awareness of the amenities and care provided within Ottawa and Franklin/
Anderson Counties.
N/A in English Literature
University of Kansas - Lawrence, KS
1989 to 1993
Call Center, Customer Service, CSR, Customer Care, Customer Support, Promotion, Promotional
Additional Information
CUSTOMER/PUBLIC RELATIONS – The ability to intuitively connect with a person or group on an
interpersonal level. Effectively communicate and establish an idea with the ability to remain flexible
when it is needed. The utilization of conflict resolution when it appears a result is impassable.
TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS – Experience in the use and application of several computer programs.
These systems include but are not limited to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint. Also
proficient in over 30 proprietary programs utilized in telecommunications
LEADERSHIP – Experience in leading a group in the achievement of goals by providing information,
knowledge and methods. Also the ability to listen to what was important to those I represented to
ensure the correct methods were used. The use of persuasion in a vision so others may follow willingly.
Skills (2) Rating
Content Writing