Cristina Soares

Freelance Portuguese Translator & Test Writer

Location:East Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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Cristina Soares
59 Richfield Avenue, East Providence, Rhode Island 02914
401 225 3676 -


Rhode Island College
Providence, Rhode Island
Bachelor of Arts
Major: History
Minor: ESL
GPA: 3.400
January 2003 to December 2007


Pawtucket School Department
ESL Social Studies Teacher
281 Mineral Spring Avenue
Aug 2008 - Jun 2011
- Created and implemented daily lessons for various topics including World Geography, Colonial American History, and Civics.
- Differentiated instruction according to students needs and abilities (language as well as proficiency)
- Served in the LADDER leadership team, whose objective is to develop and build the capacity of ELL leadership teams to systematically use data for improving programming and instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs)
- Invited guest speaker and musician to expose students to African rhythms and instruments.
- Invited the Mayor of Pawtucket to talk about civic issues in Pawtucket.
- Facilitated after school programs (Dance club, Homework club, Credit Recovery)

Reason for leaving: Looking for other teaching opportunities
Supervisor: Mrs. Caswell, Mrs, Pfeil, Ms Paradis (401 729 6300)
Experience Type: Public School, Full-time
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Providence Public Schools
student teacher
324 Hope Street
Sep 2007 - Dec 2007
Student teacher. Prepared lesson plans and unit plans. Taught US History and Modern US History in a diverse classroom.

Reason for leaving: End of student teaching program
Supervisor: Ms Webster, Dr. Benziger (401-456-9161)
Experience Type: Student Teaching, Part-time

Student Teacher at Hope High School, Providence, Fall 2007
Taught in a diverse and challenging classroom of 10th and 11th graders. Responsible for teaching U.S. History and Modern U.S. History.
• Created Unit and Lesson plans, activities, and projects for the classes.
• Observed other teachers and student teacher.

Practicum Experience, Spring 2007
Taught at North Providence High School and at Riverside Middle School
• Conducted lessons on American and on International Issues. Responsible for preparing and delivering lesson plans, assessing students, and maintaining a positive learning environment . ]

VIPS Volunteering
Volunteered at Laurel Hill Elementary School as a tutor. Helped a variety of students with reading, writing, comprehension, and math.

Chiropractic CareSeekonk, MA2003 – 2005 / 2008
Office Assistant
Responsible for maintaining an organized office, preparing/organizing medical and financial charts, receiving and making phone calls, patient communication and care.
• January 2008- hired to fill this position.