Aaron Marker

Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
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Aaron Marker


College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, B.F.A., 2009.

Honors and Awards/ Grants

Federal Pell Grant
Federal SEOG
Michigan Tuition Grant/ Michigan Competitive Scholarship
College for Creative Studies Student Portfolio/ President’s Scholarship
College for Creative Studies Tuition Grant
Michigan Merit Award

Skills and Expertise

-Running, installation, pointing and restoration of straight, radial and elliptical plaster moldings.
-Sculpture, patterning/assembly and installation for architectural plaster ornamentation.
-Foundry casting and mold-making methods which include: wax-working, gating for ceramic shell investments and resin-bonded sand molds; chasing and finishing for bronze, aluminum and iron castings, patination for metal castings.
-Metal fabrication/ oxygen-acetylene and TIG welding.
-Woodworking and wood fabrication.
-Plaster, alginate and rubber molds/ plaster, resin, rubber and wax castings.
-Final Cut Pro software/ digital video and sound editing.
-Traditional printmaking methods/ typesetting.
-Bookmaking/ bookbinding methods.
-Fabric silk-screening methods.

Work Experience

2018 – Present – Assistant shop manager, Foster Reeve & Associates, Brooklyn, New York. Job includes: tracking and logging of work orders and knives for running plaster moldings; production of plaster moldings and plaster castings; sculpture, patterning and assembly for various plaster products such as fireplaces, coffered ceilings, keystones, brackets, cornices, capitals and various ornamental elements (i.e., egg & dart, lamb’s tongue, and dentils), construction of rubber molds and hard shell mother molds both in shop and on site.

2016 - 2018 – Shop and production manager, Plaster Works, Brooklyn, New York. Job included: management and scheduling of shop production and delivery of product and materials to job sites; ordering and receiving of materials; job planning and interpretation of shop and architect drawings; coordination and tracking of work orders, tools, and scaffolding for field.

2010 - 2016 – Shop and field technician, Foster Reeve & Associates, Brooklyn, New York. Job included: mold-making, casting, running of moldings; crating, shipping and delivery of products and materials; plaster molding and ornament installation; venetian plaster and French stuc pierre flatwork, .

2010 – Foundry assistant to Marsha Pels, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI. Position included: gating for ceramic shell investments and resin-bonded sand molds; all phases of pouring for ceramic shell, sand molds and iron; metal chasing, welding, and fabrication.

2010 – Metal fabrication and research assistant to Robbie Rowlands, Detroit, MI, which included: site surveillance and research, transportation of materials, metal fabrication and welding, installation.

2010 – Metal fabrication assistant to Rikki Fraley on outdoor sculpture commission for the Clarkston Library in Clarkston, MI.

2010 – Foundry technician and instructor to Cranbrook graduate students for the 2010 College for Creative Studies iron pour.

2009 COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES ALUMNI EXHIBITION, director of installation, Garfield Building, Detroit, Michigan.

2009 COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES STUDENT EXHIBITION, installation assistant, Detroit, Michigan.

2008 COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES STUDENT EXHIBITION, installation assistant and sales assistant, Detroit, Michigan.

2007, 2008 – Assistant lawn curator, Loren’s Landscaping, Sebewaing, Michigan.

2005 – Shop technician, USA Stone, Oxford, Michigan. Job included: making island templates for custom-ordered stone products; cutting, sanding and polishing stone; transport and installation.

1996-2003, 2007 – Hired hand, Engelhardt Farms, Sebewaing, Michigan.


Attila Ferenz
Production Manager Foster Reeve and Associates
53345 Main Road STE 6-2
Southold, NY 11971
Phone # 917-579-3886

Guy Corriero
Owner Plaster Works, Inc.
31 Beaver St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone # 917-642-8887

Nathan Frey
Nathan Frey Plaster
Phone # 646-258-2159
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