Clare Dunn

Freelance Comic Artist, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Alexandria, Kentucky, United States
4 Skills
I'm an illustrator based out of Cincinnati, focusing largely on comic art, zines, and printmaking.
I graduated from Xavier University with a BFA in Illustration/Printmaking and minors in writing and art history in May 2018. For my thesis, I wrote, illustrated, and self-published my graphic novel "The Internship".
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May 2018 BFA in Illustration and Printmaking, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
May 2018 Minors in Writing and Art History
June 2017 Summer Undergraduate Residency Program, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY
August 2016 Sketchbook Workshop, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN
July 2015 Rome Study Abroad Summer Session, John Felice Rome Center, Rome, Italy

March 2018 Solo Exhibition, The Internship, Xavier University Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

June 2017 Group Exhibition, Summer Undergraduate Residency Program Show, Wilkenson Hall, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY

April 2017 Group Exhibition, Voice: a Reflection on the work of Noel Anderson and Andrea Bowers, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

September 2016 Group Exhibition, XHaus Final Friday Student Show, XHaus, Cincinnati, OH

February 2016 Group Exhibtion, Xavier University Student Exhibition, Xavier University Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

April 2016 Group Exhibiton, Summerfair Emerging Artists Exhibition, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Clifton, OH

Dec 2015 Juried Group Exhibition, Refraction: A Mark Mothersbaugh Retrospective, Contemporary Art Center,
Cincinnati, OH
Nov 2015 Group Exhibition, Rome Experience Art Exhibition, Xavier University Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Sept 2015 Group Exhibition, Xavier University Art Society Opening Exhibition, Xavier University Conaton
Learning Center, Cincinnati, OH

Commissioned & Collected Works
March 2018 The Internship, graphic novel, various Private Collections
February 2016 Tarot Set 1, linoleum cut, Private Collection, Cincinnati, OH
March 2016 World Map, acrylic painting on canvas (36 x 42 in), Private Collection, Cincinnati, OH
July 2014 SweetCakes shop painting, acrylic and tempera on window pane, Public Art Commission, Crestview Hills, KY


Illustration Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
Knowledge in projected imaging and image capture, as well as process documentation and reference imaging
Experience in traditional illustrative process, including thumbnailing, compositional study, and execution
Experience in photo transferring using media and solvent materials
Experience in digital illustration and painting
Experience in story creation, execution, and publishing of graphic novels
Experience in zine creation, including developing overall design aesthetics and creative text applications
Proficient in all traditional and mixed media methods of illustration

Printmaking Experience in screenprint stenciling, ink preparation, and application, including textile application
Experience in screenprint photoemulsion process
Experience in intaglio zinc plate preparation and acid bath preparation and use,
including acid bath safety and aquatint application
Experience in acrylic drypoint plate preparation and use
Experience in producing emboss prints using additive and subtractive matrices
Experience in lithography stone preparation, stone etching, spot etching, stone roll-up, and proper
lithograph press use
Experience in producing reduction linocut and woodcut, including matrix preparation and application
Experience in producing monotypes using acrylic plates and various chinamarker, oil pastel, and ink based methods
Ability to produce consistent editions of pieces on both paper and fabric surfaces

Drawing Experience in direct observational drawing
Knowledge of perspectival drawing, including one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective
Proficiency in portraiture and figurative drawing, including accurate ability to capture likeness and
Ability to create aesthetically pleasing and interesting compositions using the principles of design
Experience in experimental mark-making and large scale drawing
Proficient in all drawing materials

Painting Ability to modulate value and color to create warm-cool relationships
Experience in multimedia painting, including applications in book alteration
Experience in multi-session studies, one-hour studies, studies from life, studies from master works, and portrait studies
Proficient in applying traditional French Triad, grayscale, and burnt umber underpainting methods
Proficient in both direct and indirect painting
Proficient in all painting materials

Fiber Arts Knowledge of traditional dying process, including soda ash mixture and setting dyes to reduce fade
Proficient in tapestry and textile design
Knowledge of sewing machine safety and use
Experience in patch creation using punch needle and straight-stitch embroidery
Experience in needle-and-thread embroidery for detail stitching
Proficient in all handheld fiber arts techniques

Sculpture Experience in portraiture bust creation, including armature sculpting, surfacing using scoring method,
patterning, and bust firing
Experience in anatomical figurative sculpting
Knowledge of plaster mixing and casting
Experience in mold preparation
Knowledge of mediaramics manufacturing and repair
Able to show scale progression

Work Experience
Dec. 2018-Present Part-time Retail Associate at the Visionarium
Introducing customers to Visionaries and Voices’ mission to create a more inclusive arts
community in Cincinnati, customer service, overseeing arts activities programmed for customers
for Open Studio, maintaining a clean and organized environment, and webshop development
July 2018-Present Part-time Jewelry Studio Assistant at Sugar Mountain Jewelry
die-punching silver and copper, filing and polishing completed works, preparing pieces for patina and soldering
Feb. 2018-Dec. 2018 Part-time Gallery Associate at Art on the Levee
Customer service, artwork installation and de-installation, artist file maintenance, consistent
updating social media and website
Jan. 2016-May 2016 Cashier at Hobby Lobby
Customer service, money handling, returns, price checking
Aug 2014-Dec 2015 Barista at Starbucks
Money handling, beverage and food preparation, and chalkboard sign design and execution

Volunteer Experience
Sept 2016 Volunteer, Xavier University Art Department Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Hanging artwork, show preparation, cleaning
Nov 2015 Volunteer, Academy of World Languages, Norwood, OH
Engage with disadvantaged students, strengthen reading comprehension and English
grammar and usage
Sept 2014 Volunteer, Visionaries and Voices, Cincinnati, OH
Engaging with the artists who worked at the gallery, cleaning
Sept 2011-2013 Volunteer, Marjorie Book Club, Cincinnati, OH
Costume design and finalizing, fitting, attending shows
Oct 2009-2014 Volunteer, St. Timothy’s Oktoberfest Booth Worker, Florence, KY
Customer service, money handling, food preparation and serving
May 2017-Aug. 2018 Xavier Newswire Feature Page Editor and Cartoonist, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Gather articles from writers, design layout of features page in Adobe InDesign, illustrate original graphics and comics using Adobe Illustrator
May 2016 Xavier Board of Undergraduate Research, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Decide curricula for publishing research in the undergraduate research journal, reading
submissions, responding to authors
Aug. 2015-May 2018 Xavier Art Society Participant, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Attend meetings, demos, and community involvement opportunities.
Aug. 2015-Aug. 2016 Crochet Club, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Make small crochet goods for donation to various outreach programs or to be sold in order to broaden opportunities for the club