Candice Bailey

Freelance Creative Writer & Photographer

Location:Grafton, Ohio, United States
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Greetings! How brief would you like me to be? Let's start with my paper qualifications and experience and then I will express what I feel my special skills are, up to date.

To begin, I have completed the equivalency of a bachelor's degree in Education, with which I graduated *** Laude in 2011. Prior to this degree, I attended my local community college where I doubled majors in creative writing and psychology. I dabbled in graphic design and creative arts as electives as well as attended the honors program.

Full disclosure, I fell three credits shy due to some health issues and I followed through with my bachelor's to suit the change in lifestyle that followed.

Between schooling, I volunteered within our local head start preschool where I designed and handcrafted hallway bulletin boards for the classrooms and assisted in social activities with the children and their parents to keep busy.

Currently, I am freelancing from home alongside self-work as an event planner where I participate in all aspects of planning, decorations, and I even handcraft and personally design decorations, flower pieces and bouquets as requested.

In my free time, I like to get out and do photography which comes with plenty of hours of photoshopping. I also paint as well write poetry and short stories.

Lastly, I am extremely focused and organized. I dedicate myself to the task at hand until it is completed which allows me to work efficiently and I have plenty of time to dedicate my skills to you!
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Creative Writing