Catherine M

Freelance Writer & Article Writer

Location:California, United States
2 Skills
Research/Writing Professional


I understand the power of the written word. Words have the ability to:

* help us get our point across
* influence our decisions
* bring out our emotions
* help us see the same things in new ways
* bring people together
* bring ideas to fruition
* convey information
* teach us new things
* help us increase our circle of influence

I do these things by choosing the perfect words to use for any given situation. I have a burning desire to perfect the craft. I do this by investing the time and dedicating myself to produce the best quality product. I do not believe in good enough or just getting the job done. I believe in delivering exceptional results that exceeds expectations.


Need some information? Unable to find it? Short on time to look? Wondering where to begin? Forget about worrying! Ask me and I will find it! Is the information business related? Personal? No need for concern. I love solving the information mystery. I will do online and offline research--if the information is out there I WILL find it!

Editing & Proofreading

* Professional experience reviewing and compiling documents for grant proposals, website content, job descriptions, etc.
*Academic experience editing and proofing individual and group documents.
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Article Writing