Miriam Chemmoss

Freelance Language Translator & Blog Writer

Location:New York, New York, United States
2 Skills
I'm an All-Rounded Artist who blends Creativity, Strategy and Social Responsibility.

My vision/goal is to do my part in the collective efforts aimed at creating a just, functioning, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world via the Arts, Multimedia Technology and Social Networking.

By using the above to raise awareness on Co-operation, Empowerment, Wellness, Environmental Responsibility and Compassion, we increase participation in ushering in a new world.

1. My background is in Theater Arts/Music and Media.

2. Post graduation (2001), I've consistently worked in the following fields:

* Musical Theater, TV, Film, Recording/Performing Music/Arts
* Journalism: Print, Digital and Electronic Media (Radio),
* Voice-Overs, Corporate Language Translation (Swahili, German)
* Motivational/Creative Writing and Speaking
* Modeling (Print, TV)

3. I'm also a Holistic Wellness Enthusiast/Advocate.

I run and support solutions geared towards holistic wellness. These include: packaged information, e-books, blogs, podcasts, videos, webcasts and workshops.

4. Currently working on:

* A music album release
* A motivational book series
* Humanitarian work with various causes, events etc
* Alternative, Renewable Energy (Solar)
* Comprehensive multimedia projects to inspire living 'naturally' and in harmony with a changing world.

This is what makes me tick when I'm not performing on stage :-). I look forward to networking and building with you.

Performing Arts, Musical Theater, Dramaturgy, Songwriting, Choreography, Radio and TV Broadcasting, Voice-Overs, Creative Consulting, Educational/Corporate Training Programs (Acting/Modeling), Corporate Language Translation (Swahili, German), Podcasting, Blogging, Documentaries etc