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Kimberly Reale

Freelance Children's Book Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Sebastian, Florida, United States
Phone: (716) 720-1363
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Hi, I’m Kim and this is just a little about me:
My stories reach not only preschool children but people of all ages. They have a purpose and a meaning imbedded in fantasy. They cover issues such as helping others, loving family and friends, having fun and working hard to accomplish your dreams; they include characters from aliens to bears, elephants, and people. The stories not only touch on humanity but they are fun and easy to read. There is a nonfiction book on bears, a visit from friendly alien visitors that the characters help to get back to their planet, a giant cookie that befriends a town and teaches the town the lessons of life and much more.

My background in psychology and public relations and marketing as well as my experience in an intensive Honors program at Cabrini College has helped me to develop my voice. There I learned lessons of life, as well as spirituality and the religions of multiple cultures. It was an eye opening experience and it allowed me to develop my own spirituality which is a combination of many. That, along with the experience of loss has helped me to reach my highest potential; for only through loss do we grow.

(716) 720-1363

To whom it may concern:

I am seeking employment in marketing and writing. I have experience with authoring children's books, writing creatively, professional writing, community relations, advertising, sales, customer service, as an administrative assistant and have a distinguished academic record.

In my life, I haved worked for the campaign of a District Attorney and organized a fundraiser in which I secured donations and ensured hospitality for the prominent guests. I also have experience in sales, marketing, and customer service. In working for Invite Health, I helped the company build from the ground up as it was the first branch in Florida. Academically, I have achieved many awards and honors. I presented my research paper, "Excercise and Mood in the Young Adult Population", to the 2005 National Honors Conference. I also earned the highest GPA at Cabrini College while enrolled in an intensive honors program. At Cabrini and elsewhere I have volunteered at numerous places which has helped to give me a diverse background in working with the public. I helped to establish the Ophelia Project in schools in the tri-state area (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York) which is a mentor program for at-risk girls. I also worked in a soup kitchen in Delray Beach, Florida and organized a Halloween party for underprivileged children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, I am in school to finish my Bachelors degree in public relations and marketing. These experiences have helped me creatively and as a result I have authored nine educational children's books for preschool age children. I also paint and write poetry.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and career opportunities. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any creative and professional opportunities
at (716) 720-1363 and Thank you for your time.


Kimberly Reale