Faisal Farooq Butt

Freelance Auditor & Accountant

Location:Jeddah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 00966590589594
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(AFA) (MIPA) (ACPA) (CIA) (ACCA) FAISAL FAROOQ BUTT (+966 590589594)
Personal Profile
+966 59 0589594 (KSA)
+92 321 1000866 (PAK)
Date of Birth:
Father’s Name:
M. Farooq Butt
Corresponding Address:
House # 255-Block # C1,
Wapda Town, Gujranwala,
Present Address:
Al Bawadi, Jeddah , Saudi
Hobbies/ Activities:
? Chess
? Net surfing
? Traveling
? Social Gathering
? English
? Basic Arabic
? Urdu
? Panjabi
Iqama Status:
? General Accountant
? Transferable
?To work in the best interest of Employer?.
Seeking a challenging and inspired career responsibility in the field of ?Controlling, Finance, Accounting,
Auditing or Management,? with fast growing organization, under which my talent and knowledge may
further contribute to the organizational growth and profitability.
Degree/Certificate Year Awarded BY
Member of IPA Aus. (Institute of Public
Accountants, Australia)
Institute of Public Accountants,
Australia. (CPA Aus.)
Member of IFA UK (Institute of Financial
Accountants, U.K.) 2017
Institute of Financial
Accountants, (CFA U.K.)
CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
(Institute of Certified Public
Accountants of Pakistan)
Member of P.I.M (Pakistan Institute of
2015 Pakistan Institute of
Management Authority
(C.I.A) Certified International Auditing 2015 ACCA, United Kingdom.
B.Sc. (Honor’s.) Pakistan.
2013 (H.E.C) Higher Education Commission
of Pakistan
ACCA (Associate Chartered Certified Accountant)
2012 ACCA, United Kingdom.
B.Sc. (Honor’s.)Financial Accounting U.K.
Oxford Brookes University,
United Kingdom.
Professional Ethics Module
2011 United Kingdom.
Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business
2011 United Kingdom.
C.A.T. (Certified Accounting Technician)
2009 United Kingdom.
Intermediate(Science) 1st Division 2007 B.I.S.E Gujranwala, Pakistan
Matriculation (Science) 1
st Division 2005 H.S.S.E Gujranwala, Pakistan
Additional Achievements:
? English language course in 2008. (Bands 7).
? Professional Ethics Module in 2011 by ACCA. U.K.
? Performance Objectives achieved for ACCA Membership in 2012.
? Professional Training & learning Sessions of ?ACE? (Achieving Competitive
Excellence Program) for competitive Professional Excellence and Continuous
Improvement in Carrier, United Technologies Corporation on Yearly basis.
? Extraordinary Performance Award Winner 2016 & 2017. Carrier, United
Technologies Corporation.
Computer Skills:
? Microsoft Office (Efficient in use of M.S Word, Excel & PowerPoint).
? Proficient in any type of computer environment along with ?
Customized Accounting Software’s?.
? Targeted Internet Surfing.
? Having Experience and worked on ?AS400? Software on Financial Parts.
? ?SAP? a Well-known ERP Software not only learnt but also attended meetings
and contributed important part in implementation process within ?Carrier, U.TC?
as SME (Subject Matter Expert).
? Using ?SAP? and ?CRM? for daily Operational & Reporting purpose.
? Expert in data screening tool, used usually for business partner screening. E.G. ?
Mk Denial Screening?.
? Expert in Business Intelligence Reports Review and Analysis – BI Reports
Professional Skills’ for Value Adding:
? Auditing for internal controls.
? Controlling for better financial controls.
? Application of IAS (International Accounting Standards) and IFRS (International
Financial Reporting Standards).
? Administration & Management Skills.
? System Analyst skills.
Other Performed tasks Summary:
? Maintaining Proper Books of Accounts, Preparation of Financial Statements,
Preparation of Cash Statement, Profit & Loss Statement, Sales Forecasts Monthly,
Quarterly & Yearly basis and then Comparison between Actual & Forecasted
Sales, Other Budgets if required E.g.: Purchase Budgets, Cost Budgets, Variance
Analysis, Preparation of Schedules on GL Reconciliations, Invoicing, Complete
Accounts Receivables and Regular Receivable Follow up, Receivables Meetings on
Weekly Basis, Weekly & Monthly Financial Reports, Handling and monitoring
Accounts Payables, Bank Postings, Receipts posting, ?Bank Deposits & Imprest
Reconciliation Statements?. Monthly Sales Review Reports, Financial Ratios for
Business Performance Analysis, Maintaining long terms Contracts record,
Customer's Statements of Accounts, Auditing Business Expense Reports and their
`Approvals'. Audience within the organization are Controllers, CFO, GM,
Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Service operation team and Customers on
daily basis.
Other Skills:
? Strong English Communication & Writing skills.
? Strong work Ethics and Analytical Approach.
? A good & confident team player with an intellectual mindset.
? Leadership and Management abilities and strong interpersonal skills.
? Excellent academic background.
? Have Accounting Software’s knowledge.
? Have Planning skills, Priority setting, Problem solving & Decisions Making skills.
? Audit & Assessment skills.
Practical Experience: (9 Years Plus):
? Current Role: Senior Financial System Analyst.
? Previous Role as ?Senior Financial Planning & Analyst? FP&A.
o Carrier, UTC (Climate, Controls & Security)
o Duration: 4.5 years. (November2013 to date.)
o UTC Best Performance Award Winner – 2016 & 2017.
Contribution to Major Projects within the Organization:
(i) SAP ERP Implementation & Execution. SME 2015
(ii) CRM Implementation & Execution. SME 2016
(iii) VAT Implementation & Execution. SME 2017
(iv) System Analysis Training and Controls. SME 2018
(v) Controls Implementation and Monitoring.
? Worked as ``Manager Accounts"
o ALTEC Co. (Jeddah, K.S.A)
o Duration: 9 Months (2013)
? Worked as ?Senior Associate Auditor?
o Ch. Shafaqat Ali & Co. Chartered Accountants (PAK)
o Duration: 2 Year (2012 to 2013)
? Worked as ?Executive Finance & HR?
o Globex Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. (Pak)
o Duration: 8 Months (2011-2012).
? Worked as ?Accountant? At
o Karachi Food Industries & Floor Mills (Pvt) Ltd. (Pak)
o Duration: 18 Months. (2009-2010).
Current Responsibilities:
? Review Business intelligence reports for management decisions and controls.
? Conduct field audits to ensure compliance with Business Corporations Act and other statutory
? Supervise team professionals within Organization.
? Establishing internal controls and reporting procedures.
? Supervising and training team members and administrative staff.
? Examine and analyze journal ledger entries, bank statements, inventories, expenditures, and
other accounting and financial records, to ensure accuracy of financial record and compliance
with established accounting standards, procedures and internal controls.
? Preparation of detailed Reports & Plans.
? Coordination with CFO and GM on reports to take better decisions.
? Maintenance of Proper Books of Accounts and Preparation of Financial Statements, i.e.
(Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of
Changes in Equity, Statements of Cash Flow and Notes to the Accounts) as per IAS and
? Document Management - Preparation of Reports/Presentations/correspondence.
? Calendar management - Scheduling of meetings and attending’s.
? Preparation of Cash Budgets, Profit & loss Budgets, Sales Budgets, Purchase Budgets, Cost
Budgets and Variance analysis according to requirement.
? Supporting ?Research and Development? and Sales departments regarding financial data.
? Providing management with essential reports to facilitate decision making and even to
take decision as own.
? Ratio Analysis, Weekly and Monthly Reports.
? Projects & Contracts Evaluation, Feasibility and their Approvals.
? Complete Accounts Receivables Management with Regular Follow up with team.
? Review reconciliations and take corrective measures.
? Monitor Revenue Recognition Process, keeping in mind the revenue recognition best
? Adopting and following latest POC method on revenue recognition for long term contract.
? Expense Reports Evaluation, Auditing & Approvals.
? Monthly GL reconciliations for Preparation of financial Statements.
? Review Forecasts & Variances Analysis reports for controlling.
? Review & Monitor Service Division Performance in Sale and after sale point of view.
? Reviewing HR data in terms of financial impact.
? Review cost variances and evaluate reasons.
Additional information:
? All documents are attested by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (H.E.C),
Ministry of Foreign Affair of Kingdom of both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and also
from chamber of commerce of K.S.A.
? Current Iqama status is ``General Accountant? and transferable.
? Will be furnished on demand.
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