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Robert J.Hayes

Freelance Artist & Creative Writer

Location:Plano, Texas, United States
Phone: 2147747369
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My name is Robert J.Hayes.I live here in Plano,Texas.I am a professional Writer.I am in the process of writing my first book that will be out in market by 2012.The name of my book is,Word of Encouragement.After submitting a copy of my work to this outstanding publishing company out of Mustang OK I was hired to be a part of there writers team.Only 1% get hired to be a part of this company out of the thousands of copys of good writing material that is submitted every year.I consider myself very bless to be among that rank.I have a degree in Fine Arts as a Art Major.Also,I took up acting/creative writing doing my time in college.I have already been cast to be in two movies.A few years ago I wrote two scripts for a radio play entitle,War Eagle/Albert and Chuck Wagon.Me and my co-worker did the voiceovers with music and sound effects.The purpose of this project was tell the story of the dangers of drug addiction.After that I wrote another script entitle,A Time to Die, which I also directed and produced.My writings is built around having a good positive outlook on life and have a strong faith and spirituality.These two elements are very essential in life because it helps you in those bad times as well as the good ones.So if you would like to see some of my writings I would be glad to send you a copy of my work from book.I hope you enjoy it.You can request a copy of it by going to my email
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