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Location:Salem, Massachusetts, United States
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Nicole Fishkind

I currently endeavor to become a journalist and screenwriter. However, as my family lovingly calls me "the grammar police", I believe I may prove to also be a sufficient editor. In lieu of that, I would like to put forth my experience in this industry to those looking to hire someone who is both hard-working and a considerable perfectionist.
I first began writing when I was in the second grade, mostly with poetry. I have, of course, branched out from that now with published articles in the Sturgian (an I.B. High School newspaper), and was chosen out of all the students in my district to visit the poet laureate of 2006, Ted Kooser. In my previous college I studied dramatic writing under a very tough professor, yet still managed to secure a B in the class for both content and effort. In my new college (Salem State University) I am a part of the newspaper as both a writer and photographer, as well as securing A’s in all of my English courses. I am an honors student and capable of tackling difficult tasks.
I have also edited several papers before they are published, double-checking grammar and punctuation as well as spelling. I have worked in several customer-related fields as well, learning how to multitask and please the client in the following fields:
food-related industries
photo shoots/portfolio creation and slide-show creation for clientele

I have credits in film, writing, speech and communications, and feel I could be a significant asset to any company. Thank you for reading my resume.

Educational Background:

Sturgis Public Charter School (I.B. Diploma)
Savannah College of Art and Design
Salem State University

Please contact me with any questions or for further background information.
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