Kyle Rhodes

Freelance Website Programmer & Programmer

Location:Long Beach, California, United States
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To obtain a software or web developer role in which I can use my skills and development experience in a team environment.

Northern Arizona University – Computer Information Technology
CS50 – HarvardX

• Programming Languages: Node.js, C#, Python, C++
• Frameworks: Express.js, Flask, Django, Mocha and Chai
• Web Technology: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React Native, SQL-Alchemy
• Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
• Servers: Nginx, Amazon AWS
• Version Control: GitHub, Bitbucket
• Tools: Visual Studio, VS Code, Atom, XCode

Software Engineer – King Studio, Santa Fe Springs 11/1/16 - Present
• Lead developer on 3 Augmented reality projects and web development projects
• Daily tools include Node.js, C#, HTML, CSS, Unity Engine, Xcode.
• Check out the App for iOS or Android
Freelance DBA – Ology Digital Media, Long Beach, CA
• Tools included XCode, Node.js, Python, HTML, CSS, React Native, Swift, Nginx
• Developed projects such as tax website, React Native scalable study application, Hair Salon website.
Web Developer -- Cottonwood Church
• Tools included JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, WordPress
• Worked as a team to build a website for donating to various church funds such as missions trips and tithes. Used a third-party plugin to handle transactions.

Academic Projects
Custom Game Engine
• Developed a game engine using C++. Features included a physics engine, a rendering system for drawing 2D objects each frame, and score keeping.
Stock trading practice site
• Developed a site for practice stock tracking with real time updates of stock market prices. Features included buying and selling of stocks and user login system. Used PHP, MySQL, HTLM, and CSS
Article Reader
• Developed an iOS /Android application using React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express. Functionality included the parsing of HTML from user provided links to articles, text-to-speech, and user login system
Web Crawler
• Developed a Python web crawler. Tools used included HTML, CSS, Python, and PostgreSQL

Additional about me
I have a passion for web development as well as interactive media. I have developed video games and augmented reality apps and games. When I am not coding professionally, I am either working on a fun home project, gaming, watching sports or engaging in the open source community with JSLA or the “Fullstack” group at Carbon Five. If you are in need of a developer who has worked with many mediums including game engines, web development, AR/VR, and mobile development, please do consider me.
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Website Programming